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Time Warped Dog Shows

Who fast-forwarded dog shows past the good ole days when handlers showed for breeders who stuck to the standard by which judges judged?

Dog Judging Solution

There are too many problems with the way dogs are judged today – what do YOU suggest? Written critiques, judge selection ballots? Comment LIVE!

Animal Welfare vs. Dog Owner

Breeders call shelters bad and vice versa as rescues rip away the one thing some people have to get them through the day, we ask who decides about people welfare!


ARSF Changing Rescue

2015 Looking for a purebred dog? Consider a rescued Akita purebred. But first, learn about rescue groups from ARSF's 30 years of successful adoptions and counting.


Marketing Microchips

Micro-chipping your pet? That tiny AKC microchip does more than find your lost dog; RFID chips reveal YOUR personal info and it is all for sale to...


Courthouse to Doghouse

Where to get your dog groomed? Learn from Kathy's true experience when she goes from medical career to pet grooming!

The ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable AKC business and Archives from 2002 forward.


It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  The dog world's only searchable historical record.


Flu Vaccine Hoax

If you knew the vaccine is untested, canine flu is a hoax, would you take the flu shot or give it to your dog?


Does Size Matter?

Weight, determines purpose, portability, agility, and bulk as evident in the Toy Fox Terrier.


Judge Defies Breed Standard

Are judges allowed to dictate their own standards, contradicting the AKC Breed Standard?

Pet Food Ingredients

Ongoing, updated, plus info on herbs, flavorings, neurotoxins, and nutracueticals.


Medications Conversion Chart

OTC Medication/Antibiotic uses, weight and measurement conversions for your pets.


Dog Wormer Dosage Chart

Most canine wormers are actually large animal wormers. Learn what's best for which parasites.

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