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Finding Dr. Herring

If you've been breeding dogs more than a decade, you will relate to this tribute and the difficulty in finding a good small animal practice veterinarian today.


HAARP Causing Animal Suicides?

Thousands of blackbirds and fish commit mass suicide in Arkansas, Montauk Monsters wash up on Long Island; this GLOBAL map of animal deaths intrigues HAARP researchers.


NOW PLAYING IN VIDEO THEATER....Could this happen to domesticated or farm animals?  See Animal Suicide Around The World and HAARP History-Mystery Collection, 5 extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos.  Nikola Tesla's death ray becomes weather control? No conspiracy theory, HAARP is science appropriated for defense - or offense.  There's much to learn and Video Theater makes it easy!


AKC Board Minutes Spotlight

Best way to keep up with American Kennel Club business, spotlight hot issues and alt-tab to complete Minutes for detail on hot button issues!  How cool is that!!??


How Dogs Communicate!

Share this with puppy buyers so they can teach him when to bark and when to shut up and can recognize tail carriage signals and barking...


AKC Board Minutes, Reports, Archives

Once upon a time, there was the printed American Kennel Club AKC & UKC SUSPENSIONS, CHARGES, PENALTIESGazette.  Today you have to go to the AKC website.  Today this is the ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable records and information from 2002 forward.


AKC Suspensions!

It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  Before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust them with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up in the dog world's first and only searchable historical record.  You might even want to look up a judge!


"Top Dog" Columns

No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.


Birthing Puppies, Where Angels Wait

What to do? Your bitch has been in labor for hours, straining, begging you for help, no vet available, desperate, you query fb - any dog breeders out there?


Dogs & Kids Photo Contest

$100 to the top pick photo, $50 for 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Limited to pictures of children with purebred dogs.


Saving America's Purebred Dogs

Breed Standards dictate performance and so does NASCAR! Meet the leaders in racing and learn first-hand how the slightest design change affects form and function!


Teeth Cleaning, Risk vs. Benefit

Grooming includes keeping his teeth clean to maintain dental health and protect against heart disease here's an alternative to anesthesia risk!


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