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Westminster, Urban and Jungle Dogs

You see them everywhere, from urban pavement to steaming jungle to burning desert, you just don't see the dogs of desperation, hearts starving, souls wounded.


Disabled Dog Breeders

If you can read this and go through your day without thinking about those who are struggling to care for their dogs, shame on you. Here, see some amazing photos and take a dose of feel-good...


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Hopi Indian Prayer

One of the most eloquent eulogies ever preserved and handed down through generations of First Americans abiding in the Southwestern U.S.


Freedom Not Death

Support the Military Dog Retirement Act which saves the lives of war dogs - make your comment below and get YOUR Governor and Legislator's Contact Information.


AKC Board Minutes, Reports, Archives

Once upon a time, there was the printed American Kennel Club Gazette.  Today you have to go to the AKC website.  Today this is the ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable records and information from 2002 forward.AKC & UKC SUSPENSIONS, CHARGES, PENALTIES


AKC Suspensions!

Search by name, state, charges, penalty.  It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  Before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust them with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up in the first LETTERS TO THE EDITOR FROM DOG SHOW JUDGES, BREEDERS, EXHIBITORS & HANDLERSand ONLY compiled, searchable historical record.  You might even want to look up a judge!


Letters To The Editor

DoodleDog nibbled on some great info about AKC Name Changes, Lyme Disease, Bad Medicine, Judging, Subscribers and Angry Mixed Breed Owner spitting mad at editor.

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Previous "Top Dog" Columns

No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.


AKC Woofipedia Spam

This email from AKC's “Woofipedia” is just spam but the message designed to hook you is patently false.  This is what it said…


Dog Show Chivalry

Chivalry? At a dog show? That's what happened in Cleveland when knights in shining armor came to rescue a fallen comrade at the Crown Classic!


The Holidays are over but Priority Products says, Give Yourself A Gift with one or all of these lovely ceramic dogs...


The Poodles are having fun getting aquainted! White Poodle: 4”w by 3”h Grey Poodle: 5”w by 2”h. Made in Russia


Wire Fox Terrier, beautiful patchwork colors, sitting pretty at 4”w by 4”h. Made in Japan


Spitz or Samoyed?  Either way this dog is perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place and his smiling face will greet you everyday. 3”w by 3”h. Made in Russia


The Brown Spaniel (6”w by 2”h) artist: B. King from CA and the Parti Cocker, (5”w by 3”h) are just hanging out waiting for their new home.


Bring one or all of them home have your own dog show! Shipping is included! $25 each or all six for $125 click the breed name above to purchase individual pieces or Click the image for the entire assortment & SAVE!


Winter Foot, Coat, Skin Care

Pro groomer warns of salted sidewalks, de-icing chemicals, and dry heat which cause foot licking, toenail damage, itchy skin and other winter woes.


Canine Infertility Disease

2016 research confirmed it targets quality purebred dogs, devastating fixed-goal breeding plans and further reducing participation in AKC dog shows.



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