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UKC Leadership - Rumors

TheDogPress heard that Wayne Cavanaugh, who bought the United Kennel Club in 2000, was booted out of UKC, was very ill, or retiring.

Tibetan Mastiff Case

TM breeder defies AKC as complicit in theft of his valuable stud dog and litter registration fraud.  This 2-Part report will deeply disturb you.

Try A Rescue Rake Today!Eating Dogs Impacted by Rabies

Rabies threat in countries that consider dogs as table meat; considered divine intervention by westerners horrified at humans who eat dogs!


HSUS-HSLF - Horses & Guns

Most Animal owners know about HSUS but SAOVA understands what their HSLF does to human rights under the guise of protecting animal rights.


Cropping-Docking Debate

First in a series on the debate between cropping/docking or natural.  Start with appearance and breed standards.

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The ONLY online source for AKC business and Archives from 2002 forward.


It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  The dog world's only searchable historical record.

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Breed Club Under Attack

AKC is forcing Breed Standard changes as animal rights and $$ ooze into its political agenda.


Antibiotic Alternatives

Antibiotic-resistant “thinking” bacteria evolving in food chain but treatments exist in nature.


St. Bernards, Asian Delicacy

The disgusting practice of eating dogs and breeding fast-growth breeds such as Saint Bernards for food.

Pet Food Ingredients

Ongoing, updated, plus info on herbs, flavorings, neurotoxins, and nutracueticals.


Medications Conversion Chart

Medication uses, weight and measurement conversions for your pets.


Dog Wormer Dosage Chart

Most canine wormers are actually large animal wormers. Learn what's best for which parasites.


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