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Gloger shows her obedience trained Rottweilers and depends on them for protection. Her posted property is securely fenced with numerous signs warning against entering the property protected by “Guard Dogs”Police Shoot Pet Dogs

These 2015 dog shootings by law enforcement officers show disregard for the law, personal and private property and citizen's rights, visit VIDEO Theater for more.


Animal Rights Activists Attack Animals

They use terrorist tactics to raise money while stripping away Human Rights and destroying animals from horses to elephants!


Banned Growth Hormone In Food Supply

Ractopamine, a livestock growth hormone banned in 160 countries is in animal feed that winds up on your table as pork, poultry, beef...


Tips For Dog Breeders

Cider vinegar for cystitis, raspberry tea leaves for free-whelping, honey for burns, bee pollen for allergies and propolis for immune systems.


AKC Minutes, Reports, Archives

Once upon a time, there was the printed American Kennel Club Gazette.  Today you have to go to the AKC website.  Today this is the ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable records and information from 2002 forward.




AKC Suspensions!

It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  Before you do business with a breeder, handler, or trust them with your dog, take a few minutes to look them up in the dog world's first and only searchable historical record.  You might even want to look up a judge!



"Top Dog" Columns

No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.


Oklahoma Confiscation Bill | Agenda 21 | Wildlands Project - What does it mean for you and your pets?Measles Vaccine and DNA

Veterinary documented cases of measles vaccinated puppies passing illness and measles rash to their offspring! Vaccine pulled…


OK Confiscation Bill Not OK!

URBAN majority dictate laws leading to illegal seizure of valuable livestock and purebred dogs based on trumped up abuse charges.


AKC Tax Returns and Salaries

An Insider look at the not-for-profit AKC Board Of Directors and staff salaries; weighed against ever-increasing fees to the fancy!


Dog Club Survival

Clubs are failing; costs, corruption, expenses soaring, no breeder-exhibitors or owner-handlers, no spectator gate but here's a doable plan.


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