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Proof Dogs Reason

Experts say 'animals can't reason' and accuse us of attributing human emotions and thought processes to our dogs but here's VIDEO proof!

Politics and Purebreds

History shows Presidents prefer purebred dogs but Animal Rights will destroy the Constitution unless we choose our leaders wisely in the 2016 election.


Fig 1 see superimposed head on attached photo of recent Jamaican import


Contact Editor if you want to be featured in the German Shepherd SECTION with next edition's top story on GSD HEADS, by Breeder-Judge.


Musings On WKC

The crowning of “America’s Dog” in a shameless mockery of impartial judging by a sexist dog club is disturbing.


Winners of Cute Puppy Contest

The best judges (YOU) voted for the Cutest Purebred Puppy Photo.  Click to see winners!


The Problem With Probiotics

Probiotics are the oldest ‘new’ discovery on grocery AND pharmacy shelves but do they belong in dog food or veterinary treatments?


The ONLY online source for over a decade of searchable AKC business and Archives from 2002 forward.


It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  The dog world's only searchable historical record.

Dog Show In Denmark

Siberian Huskies competing in survival races and dog shows - with the same dogs!


Roping A Deer

Never try to rope one. Laugh a minute on how NOT to go deer hunting.


Image Of Purebred Dog Breeders

Help salvage public perception of hobby and show breeders, comments appreciated.

Pet Food Ingredients

Ongoing, updated, plus info on herbs, flavorings, neurotoxins, and nutracueticals.


Medications Conversion Chart

OTC Medication/Antibiotic uses, weight and measurement conversions for your pets.


Dog Wormer Dosage Chart

Most canine wormers are actually large animal wormers. Learn what's best for which parasites.


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