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John McCartney On ABC

McCartney And More

TheDogPress was taken to task for exposing dog handler John McCartney's criminal molestation charges but newspaper colleagues said “run it.”.

Diamond Pet Food Lawsuit Details

Class action suit charged Diamond Pet Foods sickened and killed dogs. The settlement sickens dog owners. Here's why, plus a warning.

Crufts International Juniors

Two-Time Winner Colton O'Shea has a special message for other aspiring Junior Handlers, exclusive interview by Susan Bicknell.


Pippa, The Puppy Mill Rescue

Not interested in rescue? OK, but you haven't heard this so weep and rejoice as you read about puppy mill auction dog No. 18.


John McCartney Arrested

Pro handler, recently retired AKC Field Rep, in Sarasota jail for multiple counts of battery and molesting; back-story and facts only in TheDogPress.


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The ONLY online source for Board Minutes, Secretary and Chairman's Reports, and Archives from 2002 forward.


It pays to know if someone has ever been suspended and if so, why.  The dog world's only searchable historical record.


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No Margins. No Limits. No Kidding.

Tribute To Richard Beauchamp

Rick passed away April 5th. Those who knew him loved him.  Read more…


Cancer Patient Arrested

Attention Dog Owners! Her crime was failure to pay a $5 dog license fee for their old dog.


Aphis Updates

Injunction halts USDA-APHIS rule. CHRONOLOGY, the plot to expose your financial records, and...

Pet Food Ingredients

Ongoing, updated, plus info on herbs, flavorings, neurotoxins, and nutracueticals.


Medications Conversion Chart

Medication uses, weight and measurement conversions for your pets.


Dog Wormer Dosage Chart

Most canine wormers are actually large animal wormers. Learn what's best for which parasites.


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