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AKC Tax Returns and Salaries


Weigh ever-increasing fees against the not-for-profit AKC Board Of Directors and staff salaries as revealed in TheDogPress.


Year after year, AKC claims to have a financial crisis as justification to raise fees.  In 2008, TheDogPress dared to question the 300% fees increase(1), revealing "AKC now has over a dozen primary departments relating to dog shows, which remember, were only peripheral to AKC’s original purpose."


Breeder/Judge/Publisher, consummate dog man Bo Bengston, writing for Dogs In Review said "Yes, AKC recorded an operating deficit of $192,000 for April of 2010 compared to the previous period last year — but AKC’s investments during the same month earned a gain of $1.5 million."  Bo's take on AKC salaries referred to AKC's Presidential Salaries (2) in which TheDogPress observed that some AKC Executives earn "more than the U.S. President and Vice President combined."


When in 2010 the economy was crashing, TheDogPress broke even more bad news re: the $25 per dog AKC Exhibition Tax.  Moaning about lost income, AKC announced the $25 p/year tax on all judges fees which works out to a whopping $102,000 per year extra tax that clubs will be forced to pass on to exhibitors.


Weigh ever-increasing fees charged for American Kennel Club services against the not-for-profit AKC Board Of Directors and ii staff 2013 salaries revealed on these income charts.


As you explore our exclusive Insider coverage of AKC salaries, benefits, and perks, you will agree that we must return dog shows to the average enthusiast.  As fees charged to AKC member clubs continue to rise, kennel clubs are closing their dog-show-doors or forced to raise fees for entries, parking, etc.  That drives exhibitors away and there has been a yearly decline every year since 2012.


The loss of registration income may not be worrisome (to AKC) which has lucrative investments in CAR, CHF, and other non-for-profit ventures. AKC advertising revenue income increases yearly. Translated, the means individual Board and key Staff incomes are insulated from the loss of registration income.


Astute observers say that today's dog shows, like horse racing, are only for the wealthy who need a tax write-off and who can afford to fly top professional dog-jockeys to the right shows with the right judging panels.  But what would AKC do without the glitz and glamour shows for TV and corporate advertisers?


Perhaps the American Kennel Club could get back to the "business" of preserving the real purpose of dog shows - the comparison, selection, and perpetuation of healthy, typical purebred dogs that can do what they were originally bred to do.


 *Sometimes AKC Tax Records are not available until the following year or two due to filing extensions, etc...* 


ref links: Economics of 300% fees increase(1)      AKC's Presidential Salaries(2)     ii AKC revenue, pension, and retirement summary

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