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Quick-read on American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes


Highlights of the December Board Meeting: AKC Canine Health Foundation, 2016 Budget, Judging Operations, Turkish Kennel Club, Irish Red and White Setter, Agility Grand Champion Title, Jagdterrier, Grooming Space Policy, Match Regulations, Judge's Book, AKC PAC Board Members, Resigned & Deceased Judges


To search for specific subject, person, or word, use "find" command. Quotations are exactly as presented in the Minutes provided by American Kennel Club Secretary James Crowley.  Text links will take you directly to that part of the full AKC Board Minutes.  You can also view INDEX to Previous AKC Board Minutes & Chairman's Reports


AKC CANINE HEALTH FOUNDATION - prior to December, the Foundation was within $70,000 of meeting the AKC’s maximum matching grant of $500,000, also Carol Williamson had left the AKC Canine Health Foundation $100,000 in her will.


2016 BUDGET - after some finagling it was approved by Mr. Feeney, Dr. Garvin, Mr. Kalter, Mr. Ashby, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Dok, Mr. Wooding, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Menaker, Mr. Powers, and Dr. Davies with Mr. Gladstone, Dr. Battaglia opposed.


JUDGING OPERATIONS - the Field Rep's duties were discussed, the multiple reports filed for judging observations, interviews, show wins, test results, show hearings, reinstatement committee reports, etc. The Board also discussed the need to support our Clubs.


The Turkish Kennel Club was recognized and added to registries with acceptable pedigrees.


The Barbet approved to advance the Barbet to the Miscellaneous Class effective January 1, 2017. The Barbet Club of America is designated as the Parent Club for the breed.


Irish Red and White Setter Proposed Breed Standard Revision - Approved.


Agility Grand Champion Title - Approved (AGCH) as prefix title.  And Regulations for Agility Trials - Chapter 2, changes approved, titles starting to be awarded on July 6, 2016.


Jagdterrier Eligible to Participate in AKC Earthdog Tests  effective January 1, 2016.


Modification to Grooming Space Policy so that clubs are not required to submit a grooming plan.


Match Regulations - Age of Puppies on the grounds and other changes should be noted, see Minutes.


Table & Ramp Identifiers in Judge's Book - to indicate whether a breed is examined on a table, ramp or options to be included on the breed pages by July 1, 2016.


Re-Appointment of two AKC PAC Board Members to the AKC PAC Board - Mr. Carl Ashby and Ms. Wendy Jordan to serve new two-year terms on the AKC PAC Board.


Resigned Breed Judge: Chris L. Lynch


Deceased Judges: Mrs. Rosemary Blood | Mr. David Cochrane | Mr. Le Hedstrom | Mrs. Carolyn R. Mobley | Ms. Bonita Visser


See the Dec. 2015 Board Meeting Minutes for complete details of AKC business and upcoming motions/actions before the Board Of Directors.  Your club's input could be critical on these issues.


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