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Quick-read on American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes


Highlights of the January 2016 Board Meeting: Dutch Shepherd, Hokkaido, Leonberger, AKC Canine Officer, AKC Canine College, Visiting Judges, POD title, registrations UP, Patriotism, and more.


To search for specific subject, person, or word, use the "ctrl" and "f" key which is your "find" command. Excerpts are from the Minutes provided by American Kennel Club Secretary James Crowley.


The text links below will take you directly to that part of the full AKC Board Minutes.


Organizational Changes sound like new salary expenses, cited excellent web traffic, and acknowledged the decline in conformation entries.


AKC/Eukanuba National Championship’s were up 19% to 76,252,105 with a publicity value of $2,515,036.


Leonberger Breed Standard revisions, advanced the Dutch Shepherd to Miscellaneous, approved revisions to the Bulldog Standard, agreed to further discuss updating the Canine Legislation Position Statements on Spaying and Neutering, accepted the Hokkaido into the FSS program.


Approved $400,000 in Theriogenology Residencies veterinary grants.


Upon first introduction, the Board approved a new program called the AKC Canine Officer program.  Also approved tracking collars at Beagle field trials.  The Retriever Master Amateur Invitational Hunting Test will be further discussed as will the proposal to allow  Obedience and/or Rally Trials to Co-Exist and the Agility Single Breed Specialty.


A written report was provided on Obedience and/or Rally Trials and written report was provided on Member Club Bylaws.


AKC Canine College Progress Report again favors online judging and mentions "new software" but nothing about the cost (which could actually be a savings when compared to have AKC Reps interview and report on judges) of the internet based "judges education".


Visiting Judges to be allowed to judge puppy classes was unanimously approved.  This is noteworthy only because of the frequent discussions centering on the ease with which judging applicants are approved today and free foreign travel being a major incentive to "become a judge."


Reserve Best Junior Handler be discussed further at the February Board meeting.


One Point for Best of Winners was not approved, perhaps because if it gets any easier to become an AKC Champion the prestige will be further diminished.


Common Site Application changes to make it easier for what most could call cluster shows were postponed.


Puppy of Distinction (POD) title was discussed but postponed pending further research.


Superintendent Entry Validation sounds good but nothing was indicated as to whether it sounds doable for the superintendents to modify computer systems.  Postponed.


REGISTRATION DEVELOPMENT sounds like good news, with increased registration numbers for both dogs and litters.  Finally, the AKC board listened to customers...


National Specialty/Local Event Conflict Policy Change benefits all exhibitors.


Club Development was discussed and rests mainly on the AKC's ability to get volunteer show chairs to work with Clubs to raise their profit and streamline costs.


Delegate Meetings Patriotism it was proposed that the delegates actually sing the National Anthem rather than to just play a recording.  Staff was directed to follow up and see who might volunteer to lead the tribute.  Mention this to your Delegate or AKC Rep at the next club meeting or dog show.  Tell them you think this is wonderful!!!


AKC Marketplace was discussed but action deferred pending more review.


Adjunct Judge: Mrs. Janet Fink

Emeritus Judges: Mr. Gene Norman, Mrs. Diane O'Brien, Mrs. Adele Yunck, Mr. Michael Pumilia, Mrs. Jean Porter Lynch, Mr. Roger Ayres

Resigned Breed Judge: Ms. Karen Ann Fuss, Ms. Nancy A. Elliott

Deceased Judges: Mr. C. Z. Pat Alvarez, Mr. Jon Mett, Mr. Don R. Duerksen, Mr. Robert H. McKowen, Mrs. Camilla M. Thorne


See the Jan. 2016 Board Meeting Minutes for complete details of AKC business and upcoming motions/actions before the Board Of Directors.


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