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Quick-read on American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes


Highlights of the AKC Board Meeting July 2016:  China boycott, Arbitration Program, a pile of Breed Standard revisions, Judging Ops changes, more on 2-Show Days (as proposed years ago by TheDogPress.com), Disciplinary Guidelines, and Finance numbers.


To search for specific subject, person, or word, use "find" command. Quotations are exactly as presented in the Minutes provided by American Kennel Club Secretary James Crowley.  Text links will take you directly to that part of the full AKC Board Minutes.  You can also view INDEX to Previous AKC Board Minutes & Chairman's Reports


China Kennel Union takes strong measures against the American Kennel Club.


FIDO TV was discussed as some length following independent reports of sagging interest and revenue.


Arbitration and Mediation was explored with recommendations to outside agencies (CPR and ADR) which have nothing to do with doggie disputes.  The AKC Board will consider a "voluntary mediation and arbitration program tailored to club-and dog-related disputes so we look forward to the unveiling.


Registration, Marketing reports sound very promising, along with the disputable claim that AKC.org ranks 3rd among dog sites.  Moving past those claims, the report states that "AKC.org ranks #1 in engagement metrics." That outsourced/unsourced report probably sounds good to the board but to our Search Engine Optimization team, it sounds like more immeasurable chest pounding.  Our readers have long complained about the impossibility of finding anything on the AKC website.  That could account for longer "engagement metrics".  AKC has experienced website problems typical of new operations so it is good to see the site is progressing.  Technology Services and new "critical hires" sound like progress and problem solving in the works.


Breed Standard Revision are numerous so click the bolded link to see if your breed is among them.


JUDGING OPERATIONS has been busy implementing numerous changes, some connected to its Canine College and others with rule and policy changes.


NOHS Program Enhancements sound encouraging and may smooth out some bumps for owner handlers.


Two All-Breed Shows on the same day is still being "discussed" and this editor hopes the delays in implementation have nothing to do with it not being AKC's idea or the fact that NCA and some UKC shows have been doing it for nearly a decade now.  With the larger shows shrinking, meeting expenses has become increasingly difficult for Kennel Clubs and more than a few have folded.


It is long past time for AKC to put the average exhibitor first and quit favoring the professional handlers who can afford the existing system.  The owner handler or breeder with just one or two dogs to show can not afford it and they have clearly spoken.


Revised AKC Disciplinary Guidelines is "loaded" and worth clicking over to. Offenses are spelled out in a new chart and the cash fines are steep!  Is this the solution for sagging income?  You be the judge.  AKC has in all fairness, clearly defined terms like Abuse, Cruelty, Harassment, Improper Treatment, and Neglect.


Deceased Judges: Last in the Minutes but those names define a tremendous loss to the sport.


See the See Current Board Meeting Minutes for complete details of AKC business and upcoming motions/actions before the Board Of Directors.  Your club's input could be critical on these issues.

1608 http://www.thedogpress.com/AKC/1608-spotlighting-July-board-meeting.asp


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