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AKC Board Minutes,Chairman's ReportAKC CHAIRMAN MENAKER'S REPORT

Courtesy of AKC's website posted September 25, 2018


A Very Special Anniversary


As we mark the 134th anniversary of the founding of our organization, the American Kennel Club opens our doors to a bright future in a fabulous new space. After twenty years in the gray towers at 260 Madison Avenue, AKC is now at home in the refined and imposing Kalikow skyscraper at 101 Park Avenue. Just doors away from Grand Central Station, AKC’s new headquarters and our staff are all the more accessible to our fancy, the dog loving public and the media.


With forty-three thousand square feet across the building’s fifth floor, our new office creatively preserves the glorious traditions of our sport while fulfilling the needs of a contemporary enterprise. Multiple collaborative spaces and communal work areas punctuate the innovative design by the world-renowned architecture firm, Gensler. Our venerated Library and Archives are now showcased in an elegant trinity comprising the research center, antiquarian collection and reading room. Masterworks of canine art grace brightly colored walls in a juxtaposition that keeps our heritage firmly top of mind.


By January 2019, this physical renaissance of AKC will reach its peak with the re-opening of the AKC Museum of the Dog at our new headquarters’ ground level. Soon in a beautifully integrated location, our fine art collection, interactive exhibits, corporate offices and a television studio for AKC.TV will provide a single platform from which to educate the public about that which we know and love best: our purebred dogs. Join us at 101 Park Avenue in the New Year to experience your new American Kennel Club.



Ron Menaker, Chairman

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