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AKC Board Minutes,Chairman's Report

AKC Board Meeting Minutes

American Kennel Club Board Motions, Actions as recorded by Secretary


Meeting held April 8th-9th, 2019, published 4/17/2019

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Wording is as presented in the Minutes provided by AKC Secretary Gina M. DiNardo.


All Directors were present including the Executive Secretary. The February 2019 Board minutes, copies of which had been provided to all Directors, were discussed. Upon a motion by Mr. Powers, seconded by Mr. Carota, the February 2019 minutes were approved unanimously.


EXECUTIVE SESSION - There was an EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss sensitive business matters. It was reported that the following Executive Officers were re-elected: Dennis B. Sprung, President/Chief Executive Officer, Joseph V. Baffuto, Jr., Chief Financial Officer, Gina M. DiNardo, Executive Secretary


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Emeritus Judges: Mrs. Harriet G. Smith

Resigned Judge: Ms. Linda C. More

Deceased Judges: Mrs. Clover D. Allen, Mr. Wayne E. Bousek

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