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AKC Board Minutes,Chairman's Report

AKC Board Meeting Minutes

American Kennel Club Board Motions, Actions as recorded by Secretary


Meeting held November 11th-12th, 2019, published 11/20/2019

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Wording is as presented in the Minutes provided by AKC Secretary Gina M. DiNardo.


The Board convened on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 8:29 a.m. All Directors were present; also present was the Executive Secretary.

     The October 2019 Board minutes, copies of which had been provided to all Directors, were reviewed. Upon a motion by Mr. Carota, seconded by Mr. Sweetwood, the October 2019 minutes were approved unanimously.


EXECUTIVE SESSION Monday the 11th there was an EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss sensitive business matters. There was nothing reported out of this session.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT - Board Action Items - Mr. Sprung reviewed Action Items and reported on Staff initiatives.


International Conference - The Board reviewed a brief update regarding the AKC’s plans to host an International Conference of Kennel Clubs which will address multiple topics relevant to purebred dogs and events worldwide. This concept was approved by the Board of Directors at the July 2019 Meeting.


Legal Status Report - The Board reviewed a status report on pending litigation and other Legal activities for the month of October, 2019.


FINANCE - Joseph Baffuto, CFO, presented AKC’s unaudited financial results for the nine months ended September 2019. Total year to date revenues of $58.2 million were 2.9% below budget, but 3.9% greater than the 2018 comparative period. Year-to-date Dog Registrations’ volume of more than 453,000 is 3% below budget and 2% greater than the previous year. Total Litters processed to-date were nearly 194,000 and represented a 2% decline from budget, but a 3% increase from the 2018 level. Total operating expenses of $54 million were $4.0 million or 7% under budget as well as remaining 2.4% below last year’s nine-month actual. Operating income for the year to date through September 30, 2019 was $4.1 million which was favorable compared to both 2019 budgeted operating income of $1.8 million as well as the 2018 mark of $626,000. Our operating investment portfolio reflects total unrealized gains for the year of $12.0 million dollars.


EXECUTIVE SESSION Tuesday the 12th there was an EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss sensitive business matters. There was nothing reported out of this session.


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Adjunct Judge: Mrs. Janet Fink (CA)

Deceased Judges: Mrs. R. Ellen Fetter, Mr. Stephen F. Hurt, Ms.Barbara Lipsky, Mrs. Ruth M. Prehn, Arthur “Len” Cartwright

Emeritus Judges: Robert J Squires (NY)

Retired Judge: Dr. Alvin W. Krause

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