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Quick-read on American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes


The non-profit American Kennel Club made nearly $80 million in 2019, considers 3-show shows, 4-month old BBE classes, Barketing Basics. Your comments below...


American Kennel Club, Inc. Board Of Directors met February 7, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. with everyone present. To search for specific subject, person, or word, use "find" command. Review these highlights, then click the link below to go to the complete AKC Board Minutes.


$79.5 million looked good for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019 which was up by 3.5% over 2018. Registrations were up by 1.2%, and Litters increased by 3%. We keep hearing dog shows are failing but the report shows Events increased by 5.3% and entries were at an all-time high of 3,310,558.


Australian Terrier Proposed Breed Standard Revision - The Board voted to permit the ATCA to ballot its membership on the proposed breed standard changes.


Manchester Terrier Proposed Breed Standard Revision - The Board approved the proposed revision to the Manchester Terrier breed standard.


Parent Club Small Munsterlander Pointer Club Of America was designated as the Parent Club for the Breed.


Limited Number of Events Policy – no decision on clubs holding a third show to provide more opportunities for local exhibitors without negatively impacting other clubs.


Bred-By-Exhibitor Puppy Classes - The Board voted to approve updated wording to the requirements for Medallion and the Puppy of Achievement Certificate. Add your COMMENT below.


4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Report shows 28.2% of entries in 2018 were new to conformation and in 2019 there were 964 BPUP events, an increase of 19%.


NOHS Levels of Achievement – the Board will allocate an unbudgeted $19,000 to launch this program. See the Minutes for details.


Dogs Disqualified by Event Committees - The recommended change would allow the Event Committee to disqualify a dog for aggression without an injury. See details.


Jump Height Requirements, the Alaskan Malamute Club of America and other groups are concerned about stress injuries during training and competition.


No Pros In Baby Puppy Classes. Professional handlers or family members may not personally exhibit dogs in the Four-to-Six Month (Beginner Puppy) Competition.


Marketing Updates and Highlights AKC is aggressively selling services to gain the interest of people who are considering a family pet or show dog.


Some of our readers, including AKC judges and club officials have expressed concern that “dogs are just a tool” for human ego or financial gain. Is AKC about promoting purebred dogs see AKC Mission Statement {Ref #1} or is it a not-for-profit company making millions and massaging egos?


Note* that AKC’s emphasis seems to have shifted, indicated by how one perceives the highlights in redThe AKC Marketplace traffic was up versus a year ago by .... ...Litter listings continue to trend up in 2019... total litter statistics are in AKC Board Minutes link below.


AKC “Barketing Basics” was held in Orlando, FL December 11-14 by the AKC Marketing department. AKC club members and breeders learned about best practices and...


 Our readers are interested in YOUR comments.  Adding another "Puppy Class" increases entry income for clubs BUT is it at the expense of stressing puppies? VOTE "YES OR NO" below. Do you think this new class is putting $$$ over puppy welfare? Results will be published in a follow up report.


Enter your first and last name and email address (validation that you are a person, not a machine).  Note: Email addresses are never divulged or shared by any ii NetPlaces Network site. To move within the form, tab or click into each box. There is a link to the complete AKC Board Minutes below.


First    Last    Email


Do you think the new puppy class is putting $$$ over puppy welfare?

 Yes       No


Comment on additional puppy classes, money, wins and stress to the puppy.

Tell us in 25 words or less.


How have times changed since you started showing dogs?

Tell us in 25 words or less.


Has AKC's position changed toward the direction of money vs. purebreds?

Tell us in 25 words or less.


Ref #1 AKC Mission Statement, 2005 through Current.  There is a lot going on in areas of competition having nothing to do with breed type and conformation which was, according to the AKC Mission Statement, the sole purpose of the registry.

See the current February Board Meeting Minutes

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