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Quick-read on American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes


Summary of AKC Board news re $98,000 loss offset by expense reduction, 3-show day approved, Biewer accepted, objectives, proposals and dog sports direction.


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AKC Election - CEO Dennis Sprung and Secretary Gina M. DiNardo were re-elected.


PRESIDENTS REPORT - Mr. Sprung said Staff took action on the COVID-19 pandemic.


FINANCE - Revenue was down but controllable expenses were 4% below budget.


Lowchen Proposed Breed Standard revisions approved.


Biewer Terrier to compete in Toy Group in January 1, 2021


Limited Number of Events approved re clubs holding 3-show in a day.


Entry Limitations for Two AB Shows in One Day Policy – still discussing.


Isolated Small Clubs-Allow (4) Shows in (3) Days – still discussing.


Reinstatement for Dogs Disqualified for Attack by a Judge – discussed again.


Application for Futurity or Sweepstakes – discussed again.


Grand Champion Points – discussed again.


Mandatory Ramp Examination Clumber Spaniels - discussed again.


Group Clubs Expediting the Sanctioning Process – to be discussed.


Delegates and Member Clubs – No action.


COMPLIANCE Approval of Annual Fees – To be discussed.


CONSENT Items – Approved.


Delegates Approved – See Minutes for persons voted upon and approved.


Dogue de Bordeaux Proposed Breed Standard Revisions – Approved.


Field Spaniel Breed Standard Revisions - Approved effective June 30, 2020.


Appointment of AKC PAC Board Members – Approved.


Patricia M. Cruz Resolution – adopted.


William J. Feeney Resolution – adopted.


REQUEST FOR AKC MEMBERSHIP - Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of VA: disapproved.


ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE BOARD TO HELP CLUBS – Mostly positive, see Minutes.


AKC Special Meeting Of The Board

Second Board Meeting held April 23rd, 2020


The Board convened again by Video Conference on Thursday, April 23, 2020. The April 6, 2020 Special Board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – covered two committees:

The Judges' Approval Process (JAP) Committee charged with examining the existing judges' approval process and to examine The AKC Sample Constitution & Bylaws Committee and generate a product “for handling situations faced by our club's and fancier's in today’s times."


AKC reports they are assisting clubs with 6,000 show cancellations and rescheduling.


National Police Dog Competition - would provide significant benefits to AKC.


AKC Communications Year End report is encouraging. See full Board Minutes.


Detection Dog Task Force intends to demonstrate the crucial roles of purebred dogs.


AKC Government Relations Department to focus on cost of an explosives canine.


AKC Government Relations effort: re purchase of European dogs by the D.O.D.


“Patriotic Puppy” program to help prepare a puppy as an explosive detection dog.


Confident Puppy Course is a series of AKC Canine College courses.


AKC Companion/Performance re Recognition of French Herding Titles.


Allow Special Event Obedience & Rally Trials defined, proposes eligibility criterion.


Pointing Breed Field Trials – Also 45 Minute Derby Stakes recommendations.


Pointing Breed Hunting Tests recommendation to celebrate special occasions.


Hunting Tests – Judges Address in Premium show the judges full address?


AKC FIT DOG Phase 2: AKC Approved FIT DOG Instructors - Phase 2 of the program.


AKC Trick Dog – Elite Performer Virtual Competition - reviewed update on results.


CONFORMATION Emergency Contact Number in Judging Schedules etc.


Junior Judging Competition Special Attraction - recommended prerequisite activities.


Executive Summary – State of the Sports 2019 list of achievements.


Conformation Dog Show Judges Report –New Breed Applications decrease.


Perception of Judges Survey - sent to customers of the preceding 12 months.


Conformation Judging Statistics - conformation judging applications for 2020.


Club Relations Activity Report number of new clubs dissolved club in 2019.


List of 2019 Actions such as Mentoring, encouraging Local Specialty Clubs, etc.


For complete board minutes and information click here for Current AKC Board Meeting Minutes. Read the President's Report, Executive Sessions, Legal Status, Finance and more. There's a lot going on in areas of competition having nothing to do with pure breed type and conformation which was, according to the AKC Mission Statement, the sole purpose of the registry.

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