covered Animal Rights Example Or Disgrace? featuring the Tiger King Star Doc Antle and Keith Wilson.


Then we received this important notice from Mindy Patterson of The Cavalry Group... Keith Wilson is going to court to fight for his animals and his rights.


The hearing began with the prosecuter's opening statement which lasted from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. When Keith Wilson's attorney, Gary Baise finally had his opportunity to deliver his opening remarks and mentioned Wilsonís clean USDA inspection just prior to his seizure, the Judge interrupted Mr. Baise and announced that USDA inspection reports and testimony would not be allowed and that USDA was irrelevant to this case! The Judge basically disallowed introduction of all evidence in defense of Keith Wilson.


All it took was PETA reports which were used by local Animal Control and the Attorney Generalís office to orchestrate the theft of Keith Wilsonís animals. Please support Keith Wilson's legal defense because what happened to Keith could happen to any breeder or exhibitor.


Please click the link below and donate to Keith Wilson's legal defense fund today!