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 The Kennel Club (England)

splits the AKITA BREED!


Criteria for Recognition of the Japanese Akita Inu


Breed Name        Japanese Akita Inu

Group                 Utility

Register              Breed register without CC status

Effective date      1 January 2006


Eligibility             A dog will be eligible for the register if:

  1. all ancestors in a three generation pedigree are registered with the Japanese Kennel Club as a Japanese Akita Inu or trace all their ancestry back to such dogs. OR

  2. all ancestors in a three generation pedigree were registered as a Japanese Akita Inu within a register created by an FCI Kennel Club since their recognition in October 1998. OR

  3. it has a three generation pedigree which is a combination of the above, provided all 8 great-grandparents are either as specified in a or b. If a dog does not comply with the above, but there are exceptional circumstances, an application can be made to the committee

Interim Breed Standard

Upon acceptance of the above, an Interim Breed Standard for the Japanese Akita Inu, based on that of the country of origin, will be produced by 1 January 2006.


dateline Dec. 3, 2004 Official release from KC - telephone report i.e. "details forthcoming" Nov. 23, 2004 following Committee meeting.


Breed Split by The Kennel Club (Eng.) Great News 11/23/04 by Meg Carpenter, KC Judge

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