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AKC CURRENT SUSPENSIONS: The first (1999) and ONLY historical source of AKC suspensions, penalties, reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


September/October 2020 Suspensions, Penalties, Reprimands

(AKC Published 9/16 and 10/15/20) *Please note, no actual suspensions in Sept/Oct

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The first (1999) and ONLY compiled source of AKC suspensions, penalties and reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


AKC SUSPENDED INDEX: The first and ONLY compiled record of American Kennel Club charges, penalty, fines, suspension of AKC privileges, Trial Board appeals, only at TheDogPress.com


The American Kennel Club Secretary acknowledged that our records are more complete and searchable than AKC's own records. TheDogPress.com is not however responsible for errors, omissions, nor for any corrections AKC may make after a person has been suspended. If you have any questions regarding Suspended Records, contact the AKC Secretary.


If you do not find the person you are looking for in this month's listing, see previous "compiled" links below. To QUICK-FIND a person by name, charges, penalty or keyword, on a computer press Ctrl key and the letter F, then type in the name or keyword.  On mobile devices see ii "find" functions for your "find" command.


NOTE: You must be an Insider Subscriber in order to view previous months/years suspensions.  It is wise to check on someone you are about to buy a dog from, co-own with, admit to your club, etc. to see if that person is or has ever been suspended by AKC.


Suspensions imposed by the AKC’s Management, Disciplinary or AKC Event Committees


Suspended/Reprimands - 5 Years or Less

The American Kennel Club OCTOBER Secretary's page states the following statement:

"As a result of an Event Committee determination the following individual stands suspended of AKC privileges. It should be noted that this determination may still be appealed and may be reversed. Upon expiration of the appeal process, an appropriate notice describing the status of the individual’s suspension, if any, will appear in this column:" (names appeared on AKC's page in exactly this context) Mr. Charles Hines (Hinsdale, IL) - Ms. Francis Keays (Kuna, ID)


OCTOBER: APPEALS COMMITTEE (Board Minutes) - There was an EXECUTIVE SESSION with the following action reported out of this session: Mr. Wayne Cavanaugh was previously denied reinstatement of his judging privileges by the Board. He appealed and the Board voted to approve the Board Committee’s recommendation to reinstate Mr. Cavanaugh’s Judging privileges conditional on the 12 breeds previously approved being reactivated in permit status, pending the satisfactory completion of the requirements as defined within the Judging Approval Process which include the successful completion of the AKC Procedural and Anatomy exams, to be interviewed on current Rules, Regulations, Policies, Guidelines and Breed Standards, and the remittance of a $35 fee.


SEPTEMBER: Request for Special Application of Hardship Policy - The Board reviewed a request for a special application of the Hardship Policy to allow for the transfer of dogs and semen owned by a deceased person who was on referral and awaiting suspension at the time of death. This will be discussed further at the October Board Meeting.


Previous 6 Months to 5 Year Suspensions


AKC Suspended, 10 Years, no Sept./Oct.


See Previous Compiled 10 Year Suspensions


15 Year To Life Suspensions, no Sept./Oct.


See Previous 15 Year to Life Sentences  


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