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American Kennel Club Policy Prohibits Learning New Breeds


The American Kennel Club does not want its judges judging or being associated with organizations which are seen to be in competition with the AKC.


by Hermine Stover | TheDogPress |May 2006 - THAT'S ODD! I thought - and then I read further.  The AKC is accepting PLOTT HOUNDS as dogs to be shown in that Organization. So I asked myself, where did the AKC licensed judges get the savvy to judge a PLOTT HOUND if not at some other perceived RIVAL REGISTRY like the UKC. So where is the AKC judge supposed to learn about the PLOTT hound if not by judging it in some alternate venue?

I presently have American Pit Bull Terriers. Some of them have been registered with the AKC since the breed was originally recognized by the AKC. They are dual registered with the AKC as American Staffordshire Terriers, and with the UKC as American Pit Bull Terriers, and a very few are also registered with the ADBA which is a registry for the American Pit Bull Terrier only. And still others are just Amstaffs, American Staffordshire Terriers.

So I never saw the various registry bodies as in conflict or competition with each other. The notion seems so awfully ODD to me. I also see the AKC will be accepting some Icelandic dog. Where exactly is a person supposed to go to learn this breed if not to some other show hosted by another registry?

When I bred Persian Cats, they were registered with a whole handful of registries, in order to increase the number of ribbons and hideous trophies, to which I was then addicted. MORE FUN!

So it pains me to read the AKC sounding so elitist, which is not the same as "elite".

I also noticed the name of Wally Pede, to whom I showed Afghan Hounds so long ago that we are probably THE SAME AGE BY NOW! He used to be older than me...anyway, he gave me points or a major, on a dog who went on to become an allbreed Ch. I was cheered to see his name and other names from my AKC past, since I have not shown AKC for ages. OF course, now that I have the Amstaffs, I expect I will be. I associate Col. Pede, (whom we all referred to as WALLY) with the Afghan Hound.

On a less cheerful note, I live in California now, in an area which may embrace some bizarre ruling to make breeding dogs all but impossible. I am prepared fully to pack up and take off for a dog friendly place. I only hope it is still in the United States Of America. I am always the optimist!

Hermine Stover hermine@endangeredspecies.com 
Secretary, Responsible Dog Owners Of The Western States


http://www.thedogpress.com/ClubNews/AKC/0605-Conflict.Policy_Hermine.asp #1212


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