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Abbreviated American Kennel Club

Board Meeting Minutes September 2013

(AKC now publishes Chairman's Report and Minutes at the END of each month)


Filming and Taping of Delegate Meetings It was reported that individuals had been observed filming the Delegate Legislative Caucus. There was concern that this could not only impede free and open discussion, but that comments made by Delegates at these meetings could be taken out of context and sent out in numerous formats, aiding those who do not have the best interest of the organization or the Sport in mind.  The filming of meetings is a relatively new phenomenon. Delegates already have access to a Delegate Meeting transcript and minutes of the Delegate Committee meetings. The need for a video or even a tape of the meeting is therefore questionable. The filming of the Legislative Caucus is particularly sensitive, where there may be discussion on such things as strategy and specifics about opponents. This also circumvents the requirement in the Bylaws which restricts these meetings to Delegates, AKC Staff and invited guests. There was discussion on whether something should be done regarding the taping and videoing of meetings by individual Delegates, either through Board Policy or by a Delegate Standing Rule.  The Board will consider the former in October and the issue will also be referred to the Delegate Bylaws Committee.

Events and Entries Update - Mr. Sprung gave an event status report for July 2013. Entries were up by 0.52% and Events were up by 1.63% compared to the first seven months of 2012.


EXECUTIVE SESSION - There was an EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss the sensitive business matters. Nothing was reported out of this session.

Show-Giving Status of Pekingese Club of America - The Board reviewed a request from the Pekingese Club of America (PCA), asking that AKC reinstate its show-giving privileges so that it may plan for a 2014 show. The PCA club has done everything that it could to fulfill the conditions imposed by the AKC Board in February 2012 as necessary steps to regain event approval for future National Specialty shows. Following discussion, there was a motion by Mr. Powers, seconded by Ms. Scully, and it was VOTED (unanimously, absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to immediately reinstate the PCA's showgiving privileges.


Guidelines for Cancelling an AKC Event - The Board reviewed a report from the Delegate All-Breed Clubs Committee, which outlines guidelines that clubs might use to decide when and under what conditions a show should be canceled. It also offers recommendations on best practices when a club finds it necessary to cancel its event due to an emergency. The Board thanked the Committee for its report. Staff will post the report in its entirety on the AKC website in the Delegate Portal and provide a link to it from the AKC webpage, where the cancellation of events is covered.

Educational Compliance Requirements - Every Specialty, Group and All-Breed dog club that does not hold a benched show must fulfill certain criteria to maintain its eligibility to hold dog shows. The criteria were discussed and possible modifications were considered. While no changes were adopted at this time, the AKC Staff was directed to continue to explore ways to make AKC matches more effective in reaching potential new exhibitors.

Proposed Chow Chow Standard Revision - The Board reviewed proposed revisions to the Head, Feet and Color sections of the Chow Chow breed standard as submitted by The Chow Chow Club, Inc. Following a motion by Dr. Garvin, seconded by Ms. Scully, it was VOTED (unanimously; absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to publish the revisions in the Secretary’s page for comment.

Coton de Tulear Eligibility to Compete in the Non-Sporting Group - The Board reviewed a petition from the United States of America Coton de Tulear Club, requesting full recognition for the breed into the AKC Stud Book and eligibility to compete in the Non-Sporting Group. Following discussion, there was a motion by Mr. Powers, seconded by Ms. Scully, and it was VOTED (unanimously; absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to move the breed from the Foundation Stock Service into the Stud Book of the American Kennel Club on June 2, 2014. The breed will be eligible to compete in the Non-Sporting Group July 2, 2014.

German Shepherd Dog Proposed Breed Standard Revision - The Board reviewed proposed revisions to the Coat, Color and Disqualifications sections of the German Shepherd Dog breed standard as submitted by The German Shepherd Dog Club of America. Following a motion by Dr. Battaglia, seconded by Ms. Scully, it was VOTED (unanimously; absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to publish the proposed standard revisions on the Secretary’s Page for comment.

Electronic Signatures Policy - The Board reviewed a Staff proposal to expand the Board’s 2003 Electronic Signature Policy to permit the processing of all registration applications electronically. Following discussion, there was a motion by Dr. Battaglia, seconded by Mr. Powers, and it was VOTED (unanimously; absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to amend the 2003 Electronic Signature Policy, effective immediately accordingly:

2013 Electronic Signature Policy:

To permit one co-owner of a dog to submit an online registration application with a certification that he or she has the written authorization of all other co-owners and would be able to produce such authorization if requested by AKC.


AKC Staff was directed to provide a specific definition of what would constitute an acceptable
written authorization.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment (Delegate Eligibility) The Board reviewed a request from the Delegate Bylaws Committee to amend ARTICLE VI, SECTION 5 of the AKC Bylaws to remove a number of occupations and activities which would make an individual ineligible to become or continue to serve as a Delegate under the current Bylaw.
The recommendation is to remove from the list:

  1. Professional judges

  2. Professional handlers and trainers

  3. Employees of a dog food or dog supply company

  4. Publishers and those soliciting kennel ads

  5. Superintendents

This will be discussed further at the October Board meeting.


Territoriality - The Board reviewed a proposed amend to Chapter 2, Section 3, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows, which was based on input from the Dog Show Rules Committee as well as AKC Staff. The change would require a club to hold one "in Territory" show every second year, before losing its exclusivity in that territory. Once a club lost exclusivity, that exclusivity could not be reestablished and the area would be considered open unless in accordance with Chapter 2, Section 7, another club shared concurrent jurisdiction over the area. The proposed amendment would read:

Chapter 2, Section 3, Rules Applying to Dog Shows:

Each member club or association which shall hold a show in its show
territory as assigned by AKC
, at least once in every two consecutive
calendar years shall have the sole show privilege in its show territory as
assigned by AKC

The proposed effective date is January 1, 2015, so that every club would have three years to
hold a "local" show to retain its exclusivity in the area assigned to it. This will be discussed
further at the October Board meeting.

Canine Legislative Position Statement on Service/Assistance Dogs - The Board reviewed a Staff recommendation to expand the canine legislation policy position statement on The Use of Dogs for Assistance and Service to address specific instances where individuals have fraudulently identified dogs as Service/Assistance Dogs for personal advantage. This will be reviewed further at the October 2013 meeting.


AKC Outreach to New Participants -  Based on a request of the Board, Staff presented ideas on how to attract new participants to the Sport and how to retain current participants and expand their participation into other venues. Strategies were discussed and Staff will continue research on a few promising initiatives.


Proposed Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Standard Revision - The Board VOTED to grant permission to the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Club of America, Inc to ballot its membership on proposed changes to the Size, Coat and Disqualification sections of the Breed Standard.

REGISTRATIONS - Updates were provided on Registration and Canine Partners. Following discussion, a comprehensive breeder program for each breeder segment is to be presented at a future meeting.


Rules Applying to Dog Shows Chapter 16, Section 1 - Premium List Requirement - The Board reviewed a request from the Delegate Dog Show Rules Committee, for a clarification for Chapter 16, Section 1, of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. This chapter addresses the awarding of a 3-point major to the Reserve Winners at a designated Parent Club National Specialty. The Committee would like the Board to clarify if this information is to be published in the Premium List.

The following clarification is suggested:  Printed notification of the opting in or not opting in for the 3 point major at the National Specialty in the Premium List is recommended but not required.

This will be discussed further at the October Board meeting.

Rules Applying to Dog Shows Chapter 11, Section 8 - Sweepstakes Judges - The Board reviewed a request from the Delegate Dog Show Rules Committee, to amend Rules Applying to Dog Shows Chapter 11, Section 8 – Sweepstakes Judges - to make the following paragraph (Ch. 11, Sec 8 - 6th Paragraph) part of the Rules as opposed to a Board policy:

When the judge of a sweepstakes or futurity finds that a dog is ineligible to compete under this section, the dog should be excused. A dog may only be disqualified in a sweepstakes or futurity under the provisions of Chapter 11, Section 8-A.

This will be discussed further at the October Board meeting.



Judges Review Committee Statistics - The Board asked Staff to provide statistics on the number of Judging applications received vs. number approved in the 12-month period before the Judges Review Committee was reformatted in June 2013 (May 2012-April 2013) and since June 2013 (June 2013- August 2013).

Online Judges Education (Distance Learning) - The Board reviewed information on vendors who have the capability to host online educational services for AKC Conformation Judges Education. Current and aspiring AKC Conformation Judges who attend an AKC Basic Judging Institute and/or breed-specific seminars face considerable expense due to travel and loss of time. The goal is to provide alternative means for individuals to obtain educational experience, specifically to be able to host AKC judging seminars online through the utilization of an outside vendor experienced in education and testing. These services have the potential to be utilized by other areas of AKC such as Breeder Services, Companion Events, Event Operations and Performance Events. Staff will continue to explore this concept, reporting back to the Board as to how this goal may be best met.

Judging Task Force - Dr. Garvin updated the Board on the work of the Judging Task Force. He reviewed the two messages sent out looking for input and indicated that at that point, 115 responses had been received. Task Force was digesting the various suggestions, comments, and complaints as well as the judging applicant survey that had been considered. The goal was to determine measurements that could be used to identify and advance particularly talented judges.



Policy Regarding All-Breed Show/Specialty Conflicts - AKC had received a request from the Weimaraner Club of America for the Board to modify the policy governing conflicts, which was adopted in July 2000. Under this policy an All-Breed show and a Specialty show within 200 miles of each other could both offer the breed on the same day. If the All-Breed club refuses, the breed Parent Club may appeal to AKC for a national specialty show or for a local specialty show held in conjunction with the national Specialty show.  The Weimaraner Club of America holds a specialty show the evening before the start of its National Field Trial each year to promote the dual Conformation and Performance dog. The club requested that the show held with the National Field Trial be included in the policy so that if an All-Breed club refuses to coexist with the show, the Parent club at least had the ability to appeal to AKC.  Following a motion by Ms. Scully, seconded by Ms. Cruz, it was VOTED (affirmative: Ms. Scully, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Kalter, Dr. Battaglia, Mr. Ashby, Mr. Amen, Mr. Powers, Dr. Garvin, Mr. Wooding, Mr. Arnold; opposed: Mr. Feeney; absent: Dr. Newman, Mr. Gladstone) to amend the July 2000 policy, effective immediately, so that it reads:


All-Breed/Specialty Conflicts (September 2013 Board Meeting) If an All-Breed Club refuses to grant permission to accommodate a Parent Club's National Specialty, a Parent Club regional specialty show held in conjunction with a Parent Club national performance event, or a local specialty held in conjunction with the National Specialty show, the specialty club may appeal to an Event Review Committee consisting of the Show Events Staff:

  • Has the AB club already given up breeds or agreed to coexist
    with other national specialties on that date?

  • What entry does the breed club usually draw (i.e., how many
    entries might the AB club lose)?

  • Exactly how far apart would the events be (e.g., 150 miles
    would pose less of a problem than 10).

  • Has the AB club been forced to coexist with other nationals
    because of an appeal in the same of the previous year?

  • Has the same Parent Club sought to use the date of the same
    AB club in the past three years?

Canine Health - There was a lengthy discussion on Canine Health, which is specifically listed among the Objects of the American Kennel Club. There was a consensus that the public obviously wanted healthy dogs, and while AKC could never guarantee that, it was agreed that AKC should do everything possible to encourage breeders to take advantage of breed-specific health screening tests that are both available and recommended by veterinarians or Parent Clubs.  It was suggested that AKC develop a program to encourage all breeders who utilize the breed specific screening tests recommended by the Parent Club for the breed, even though they were not involved in the Sport, and to help connect the public with such breeders. AKC Staff will be reporting its recommendations back to the Board.  Other ideas discussed were including all approved screening tests on registration forms, which would enable breeders to obtain a health pedigree, strengthening the relationship between AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation, explaining the vet outreach initiative, suggesting AKC CHF use Social Media to publicize their successes and to encourage Parent Club participation in health data bases. Basically it was agreed that AKC should continue doing everything possible to encourage the breeding of healthy dogs.


Judging Approval - AKC will approve Foreign Judges to do a group, if they are approved in their own countries to do breeds comprising at least 80% of the entries in the AKC group over the previous year. Mr. Kalter suggested that AKC should extend the same privilege to its own judges. An AKC judge who was approved to do breeds comprising 80% of the entries in a group could be approved for the group after passing the breed standard tests for the remaining 20% of the breeds in that group. The group approval would be for no more than three years, after which they must have been approved for all breeds in the group. Staff will be bringing this proposal back to the Board for consideration.


Two Shows in a Day - Ms. Cruz suggested that consideration should be given to permit a club with very small entries at its shows to be approved for two shows on the same day. This will be considered further at a future meeting.


Adjunct Judge: Mrs. Linda L. Reece (Rat Terrier) | Mr. John F. Booth (Dogues de Bordeaux) | Mrs. Arlene Grimes (Toy Fox Terriers) | Mr. Dennis Morgan (Leonbergers) | Ms. Cheryl L. Shaw (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers)


Resigned Judges: Ms. Leah Bertagnolli | Ms. Janice L. Earl | Mrs. Marion G. Mondshine


Emeritus Judge: Mrs. Cherie N. Berger


Deceased Judges: Mrs. Richard Bonnell | Mrs. Judith A. Park | Mrs. Isabell J. Stoffers | Mr. Carl C Yochum | Mr. Robert Fetter | Mrs. Polly Fleming | Mrs. Maureen E. Hill-Hauch | Mr. Ray S. Parsons | Mrs. Kay J. Radcliffe | Mr. Richard S. Thomas


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