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AKC Director Interferes With Parent Club Ballot


Chihuahua Club Of America Membership receives letter from AKC Board Member / CHF Director Steven Gladstone telling them to vote against Chihuahua Breed Standard revision re merle.  This, just before ballots are scheduled to be mailed.


Jan 10, 2008 | TheDogPress Staff


Would an AKC Board Member dare to use the AKC letterhead (and AKC email address) without approval? If it wasn't a carefully constructed attempt to intimidate voters, why did the letter stress that Gladstone is an AKC Board Member and Director of the AKC Canine Health Foundation?


Is Gladstone, as one of our writers said, a "loose cannon" within the fancy? If Gladstone used his position with AKC to influence the vote, and he did so without AKC's knowledge and approval, then we are told AKC must dismiss him in order to disassociate itself from Gladstone's outrageous action


If Steve Gladstone is not immediately removed from the American Kennel Club Board Of Directors, it would convey to any reasonable person that AKC approves of his actions and/or is complicit.


Mr. Gladstone is a member of the Bar Association. In order to go on the AKC Board, he gave up a successful practice, part of which was involved in representing individuals and breed clubs against the AKC.  Most would agree that he has done so until now.


Will the AKC/Canine Health Foundation be further damaged by a Director who defies published science and research (see below) on matters of genetic health deformities? How embarrassing that must be for the AKC/CHF on the heels of a lost $544,000 lawsuit and serious internal conflict resulted in 2006 Board resignations.


In the interest of fairness and representing both sides of the issue, TheDogPress presents Mr. Gladstone's letter which speaks for itself, communications between Gloria Lambert and AKC Executive Secretary Mr. James Crowley, and reaction by the Chihuahua Club Of America and because this is an international genetic issue affecting all breeding programs, also included are opinions from the Chairman of the Chihuahua Breed Club in England and the president of the Australian National Chihuahua Council.


This precedent-setting situation will be closely followed. We were able to reach Mr. Gladstone's cell at the last minute. He was on the road but stated that since he will be voting on the revision if it should pass and come back to AKC for final approval.  He sees nothing wrong with having used his position at AKC to influence balloting results. Mr. Gladstone believes that his opinion as a Director will in fact defeat the proposed revision and told our editor that is why he sent the letter. He is of course correct in pointing out that he was elected as a Delegate and sits on the Board because his opinion is valued.


He agreed to elaborate for our readers but we decided to forego his gracious offer of an interview which he said could be done when he returned to his office.  Mr. Gladstone has represented this editor and others in the sport before being elected to the AKC Board Of Directors.  We are grateful for his support of the fancy but felt this subject was best left alone.


Read Steve Gladstone's letter in its entirety and then come back to related links below.


Click to read Entire  2-PAGE Letter (as an image) or if you have Adobe, read as a PDF



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