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Intro, & AKC Rule Pt. 1 - Vote & Comments Pt. 2


September 3, 2008 | TheDogPress.com

Editor’s Note: reader comments continue to pour in and we've sent everything to AKC.  The American Kennel Club needs to publically set the record straight.  "No Comment" is simply not acceptable.  In fact, as you have stated, it is insulting to those who were at one time, AKC's core constituency.


Many of us know and respect various AKC Board members.  Most of them were good "dog people" so the question is not so much "Why?" as "Who?" is undermining AKC's chartered reason for existence?


As comments mount up, it's obvious we are more than disgruntled.  Many are leaving the sport. Is that what AKC wants?  To be rid of show breeders?  Admittedly, we are a drop in the bucket of AKC's income nowadays.  While kennel clubs suffer losses and AKC reports a drop in registrations, AKC's income from other sources continues to rise and now tops $ 60 million just in Reserve Funds!  Just think what AKC could do for dogs if it refocused on DOGS.

... NO to this new AKC legislation. Thanks for your efforts to this end. Pam Simmons


... hard to believe that AKC is willing to register dogs without papers!  What happened to the limited registration that prohibited dogs from being bred? What about the ILP that was available for dogs so they could compete in performance.  Breeders put a limited registration or withhold registration papers for a reason. If we don’t feel the dog is worthy of being bred, why does AKC feel it should change that.  Cheryl Hassett


This is just nuts! Anything for the almighty dollar. Our club delegates have just about had it with all the terrible decisions this past year.  Laurie B Farley


I find this action ... absolutely appalling!!!! The AKC propaganda to the public about "demand AKC papers" has caused us all problems, mostly because, it makes it difficult to hold off sending papers until proof of spay or neuter since AKC tells them they should DEMAND the registration upon picking up the dog.  I have numerous times had people breed and try to register dogs that were sold to them on limited registration.  Guess what?  Unless you just happen to find out about the litter, AKC registers the puppies anyway.  Limited is really not much of a help.  I do a contract with every dog I sell and YES, I have have had to send it to AKC in order to prevent them from registering a litter for people.  It seems that white out can turn a limited dog into a fully registered one...WOW!  Is there anything we as breeders can do about this? Jolene Davis


Years of careful breeding and controlling which animals can join the gene pool overridden by minimum wage clerks with no understanding of genetics or passion for my breed, much less the fact that's my kennel name and reputation at stake. The AKC needs to decide - are they for the sport of purebred dogs or just a stupid paper mill for profit.  This registering of questionable dogs puts them on par with the Continental Kennel Club and other paper mill registries. Susan Thibodeaux


The betterment of the breeds and the breeders who follow the rules. NO. the breeder sold the dog with a limited registration for a reason! If they do not want a dog without AKC papers, do not purchase one. Enforce the breeders to give papers when sold with them. Limited registration is fine, I have a dog I adopted from rescue with limited, she can do all the sports and obedience, just not show. Donna Shelton


... this is ludicrous. A breeder should have the right to say if a puppy from their breeding is of breeding quality. Also puppies that are sold as pets with the intent they are altered are generally sold at a cheaper price. The AKC's job is to register dogs the way the breeder intended they be registered, period! Nancy B.


... responsible breeders sell our pets on limited non breeding registration for a reason. They should not be able to be bred period.  By doing this you will remove the power that the limited registration carries and that allows us to sell puppies w/o spaying and neutering at 12 weeks of age.  Please reconsider ... do not allow some animal that is presented as a pure line AKC breed from contaminating the purity of the AKC stud book.  That is what the AKC is supposed to do. To protect the stud book.... This is not doing that job. Mary Childs


This "service" destroys every serious breeders all efforts to keep our breeds up to real standard and with good health .Something to be proud of being a part of. Don't let inferior dogs and bitches get full papers, that gives them full right to breed and so forth.  Barbro Lindberg


... When I withhold papers or mark papers LIMITED, I do so for  a reason.  There are serious faults in every breed and it is looking like now we will have to get all our puppies spayed or neutered before they leave in order to guarantee that their offspring don't get registered.  ... when you are placing 8 week old puppies, it is very risky to do such a major surgery, not to mention the long term effects of early spay/neuter. Linda Kepner


NO, NO,NO, NO!!! Enough said!  Lorelei Sims


I hope for our sake "responsible show  breeders", that this will not pass. I will not even get into why this should not pass.  The AKC should know better and stand up for the people that have supported them for so many years. Christine Swartz


This defeats the original purpose ... I'm sure glad that I am no longer breeding / selling AKC registered papillons!  Jan Berger


This is a "below the belt" blow to serious breeders - why would you even consider it?  Dorothy Kendall


I do not agree with the new AKC registration service that the AKC has apparently voted in and approved with minimal, or no, input regarding the harm it will cause.  It would seem to be only an attempt to simply gather additional monies while providing no benefit whatsoever.  Steve Kath


... I believe that the current rules will take away the control breeders have as to whether they can sell a dog as a "Pet" not to be bred.  The only way a breeder could now be sure that a pet ... is not bred would be to spay or neuter it BEFORE it is sold.  ... a possibility for some breeders, but not for many.  Please reconsider the change in the rules -- what point is there in limited registration and/or withholding papers if the AKC is willing to ignore the breeder's desire and fully register the dog anyway?


... this is just another way the AKC has found to increase its registration income.  Please consider the welfare of the dogs and not just the AKC's bottom line.  Susan Bryant


Frankly, I see no difference in this than any other income producing action taken on the part of AKC.  It doesn't surprise me, as they're always looking for new avenues for increasing revenues.  And just because it steps on their breeders, doesn't mean it's out of the question.  They've been stepping all over us for years, and because we don't take up arms against them for it, they get away with their actions time and again.  Just like when the alpha dog rolls any puppy who doesn't complain, AKC will continue to roll us, precisely because we don't complain. David J. Arthur, SMSgt, Ohio ANG


This is a mockery to any ethical breeder and ... purebred registry!  AKC has one agenda -REVENUE!   Unfortunately, this makes me never want to pay another registration fee, enter another AKC show or event, etc. Has anyone read the AKC's mission statement?  In my opinion, this new policy contradicts their published mission statement.  Over the years I ... watched hundreds of dogs come forth with AKC papers marked as chocolate Labradors only to be silver in color and a result of a Weimaraner-Labrador mix.  What has been AKC's policy?  "WE ARE A REGISTRY BODY, WE DO NOT DETERMINE COAT COLOR GENETICS" Then when DNA came about, it was too late to dispute the parentage of these so-called silver Labradors that AKC gladly registers still to this day as chocolate labs!! Have you ever seen a black Maltese? Have you ever seen a solid liver or black Dalmatian?  Have you ever seen a yellow Weimaraner?  GET READY FOLKS.....If AKC continues on the track they're on, ethical breeders of purebred dogs will be a thing of the past. Teresa Gordy

I am against this sort of registration.  But then - I am against AKC withdrawing their opposition from CA AB1634.

And - I am against AKC working in the dark and ignoring their "customers'!

And - I am against the pompous, arrogant words that have spewed from Steve Gladstone.

AND - I am appalled that Dennis Sprung reneged on a meeting in Portland this past weekend, and apparently no excuse was given!

So - you see - I am against a lot of what AKC has done recently!!!  Especially - throwing us in CA "UNDER THE BUS"!!! Carol Hamilton


Let’s hope the outcry is loud enough and AKC will reverse this unacceptable rule.  Bonnie Hansen


I do not feel this new rule will benefit the Association and it will definitely not benefit responsible breeders.  I personally spay/neuter my puppies before they leave my home.  The owner is entitled to the registration papers.  I would not sell what I feel is a puppy not of breeding quality for someone to breed.  We also raise registered Quarter Horses.  Horses that are not of breeding quality are sold as geldings.  Believe me it takes a very good stallion to make a good quality gelding. I feel the same principle apples to dogs. Nancy Holman P.S. It would appear the Puppy Mills are becoming more numerous in Wisconsin.  Some people feel they are being driven out of Pennsylvania and are moving here.


I am opposed to the new registration service being offered.   If the purebred dog was not registered or put on a limited registration, then the breeder, for some good reason, did not want the lines to continue.  This decision by the responsible breeder when selling the puppy should be respected by AKC. Terry Moss


Many are looking to the UKC to show!  For 65.00 on a weekend, you get 4 show entries and the possibility of a championship!  Mary E Kasher


How can I continue to stand 100% behind my lines if I cannot guarantee control over which puppies are allowed to carry on these lines?  It would only take one unscrupulous owner to have my line produce puppies that do not meet the strict health, screening, temperament and breeding standards that I have spent decades in establishing.  If dogs that responsible breeders deem to be "pet quality" are allowed breeding privileges it will undermine the integrity that we have spent years and small fortunes building.  I urge the AKC to reconsider the ramifications of this registration service toward those who are fighting the hardest to maintain the integrity of the purebred dog.  I am not writing this because I am against the AKC....far from it, as I am also an AKC Obedience and Rally judge. Catherine Peters.


… let's fight this .. It undermines the efforts of ethical breeders.  Laurie S. Coger, DVM, CVCP


I sell all pet puppies on spay/neuter and LIMITED registration.  If they are allowed to change the limited registration people will also probably not spay and neuter!  On the other hand I guess I will no longer be giving my buyers AKC PAPERS because of this AND the fact that they can change the name on the papers!  Only the puppy I keep will be registered with AKC.  Heidi Brauch


As someone standing outside the issue completely, I thought a registered dog with AKC papers was a big deal.  Then I met a woman who purchased a toy poodle and had a difficult time getting the papers.  When I stopped by her house a year later, a big dog jumped on me so hard it knocked the breath out of me.  I did not think that was a toy poodle, in fact, I could not have identified his breed, yet she had AKC papers that proved that he was a toy poodle. I guess for the money, your dog can be any breed that you wish him to be. The whole situation has got to be offensive to anyone who breeds purebreds. Nel Liquorman


This is ridiculous!!!!  I might as well stop registering my puppies at all and just sell them without a contract to the person with the most money~!!!  I've been doing this for over 10 years "the right way” but this is a slap in the face … I’m getting out of breeding … because of this kind of crap.  Feel free to forward this email to AKC or anyone else.  I'm FED UP!!!  Amy Loy


This is an outrage!  This makes them no better than the bogus registries out there.  Lorie, SandragonMastiffs


AKC registration is absolutely worthless, in my opinion. This new rule proves that AKC is all about money and could care less about breed integrity or animal welfare. If I were queen for the day, I would abolish the AKC and put certification/pedigree into the hands of the breed clubs… Shame on the AKC! The fact that they made these changes secretly and then refuse to speak up when challenged just goes to show their poor character. I suppose they thought the changes would go unnoticed.  Laura Beck


It is a slap on the face of breeders that AKC would re-register dogs that breeders deem not breeding quality, why is AKC failing its original purpose? Is AKC so money hungry that they have to resort to this to create revenue? David Osuna 


I question that the inquiries from owners asking for information on how to register puppies/dogs they have not themselves bred are for legitimate reasons in line with the breeders' wishes. My experience is that most pet owners who have purchased dogs with limited registrations could care less if their puppy is registered or not. I do think it is irresponsible for breeders to sell puppies without limited registration which makes it clear what is the breeder's intent in selling the puppy. Older dogs placed without papers mean to me that the breeder did not want the dog bred, and why would the buyer then ask for papers if the buyer was not intending to use the dog for breeding? ... This is a real case for breeders and rescue groups neutering at least adult dogs before they go to new homes. I hope that the AKC will stand behind limited registrations.  Birgit Rhoads


This new rule would be a determent to all breeders who want to improve lines and eliminate genetic defects.  ... Is breeding inferior stock what AKC is all about now? Is money the only thing they are thinking about? What is going to happen with all of us that show dogs, and breed to improve the breeds? What will an AKC Championship title now mean? ... try to keep the cost of pet puppies down so the average person can afford one. With this new rule I will be forced to keep puppies long enough to have them spayed or neutered myself ...  This cost will then be passed on to the public. Either that or I stop breeding which will in the long run be a detriment to AKC.  If all responsible breeders stop breeding, stop showing, where will that leave AKC then? Is this what the HONORABLE AKC is all about now? Just puppy mills and money Is money the bottom line for AKC? If so, the future of our sport is in serious jeopardy. ...  If they need money so bad why not offer people with these unregistered dogs a companion dog registration?  ... can be done instead of this sneaky underhanded ruling!!! Tammi Stidham


Bad idea. Destructive to good breeding, and lacking ALL common sense.  We say, no, no, NO!  Please don't do it! Lynda Jewell


Don't agree ... Makes me want to stop breeding. They might as well call themselves the "New Continental Kennel Club."  They will register anything.  Pat H.

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