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Part Two


Click if you missed The Evil Empire Part 1 wherein Fred Lanting was tried and convicted (by AKC) of Trafficking In Dogs for which he received a lifetime judging suspension. In Part 1, we revealed that judges have always arranged dog sales but many go a step further with the despicable deed of arranging wins for "their" dog. If you stumbled onto this page, read backwards!


As a magazine columnist and book author, we think Fred's letter to AKC sums it up perfectly. If however you have any doubt that AKC can be vindictive and prejudicial, we suggest you also take a few minutes to read the exclusive Lanting interview below - Addamo Asks(1).


The most pertinent correspondence relating to all of this is as follows:  I sent the following email to AKC:


February 22, 2006


AKC Staff Darrell Hayes; Jim Crowley with

cc: aragorn@cwcorgi.com; Steven D. Gladstone; Patti Strand;

Nina Schaefer; asa@zencor.com;scja@erols.com;

Editor@TheDogPress.com; watchdog@cwcorgi.com


Subject: Jim Crowley's letter of Feb. 16, 2006


Jim, I got your letter of Feb. 16, and wonder if there was a typographical error. You said the Board voted to reinstate my AKC judging privileges on a date of May 15, 2015. Surely, this must have been meant to read 2006, right? It would be preposterous to reinstate privileges after a person has died! You can look at actuarial tables and see that I will not be alive in 2015. I have already lived my proverbial "threescore years and ten".


Please tell me the typist made a mistake. Certainly it would have been easier to just say "never" than set an impossible date for such action.


A lifetime ban for trying to help a friend find a good breeding dog is quite extreme punishment.



Fred Lanting


2002 copy of letter Lanting sent to AKC Board members;


October 9, 2002


I am writing to you, in your capacity as an AKC Board member, because I have not been able to make my position clear to the staff. Please read this to the end, feel free to ask me questions, and consider this a personal appeal to you. I am apologizing for the manner in which I acted. I had no idea at the time it could be interpreted the way it was.


In February of 2000, in my desire to help an overseas friend find a couple of dogs that would improve his breeding program (he did not have contact with American breeders), I put a small note on the table when I was judging, asking for anyone with suitable bitches to contact me so I could put them in touch with him. My motive (to help a friend) was clear and innocent to me, but I later realized that it was a stupid way to seek help for him. I was accused of “dealing in dogs” and violating the “occupational ineligibility rule”. How often have you, as a breeder or judge, been asked for such a recommendation or other help? One Board member told me that the staff is convinced that I was not sufficiently penitent nor admitted any wrongdoing. Since I have said several times that I was sorry for doing what I did, I do not understand that position and do not know what else I can say that would convey that more clearly. I have acknowledged that I should not have written that note and left it on the table, I have apologized, and I have promised never to do it again.


I was suspended indefinitely from my judging privileges on the basis of this unintentional infraction, despite the fact that I never received a cent or any favors for my effort to help my friend, nor would have been offered any. Letters to that effect, from the breeders who wanted the dogs, were sent to AKC. It was during a judging-and-lecture tour in that country that I was asked to help improve their quality by introducing them to breeders here. Because I had been acting as a consultant in canine orthopedic disorders, I had referred to one of them as a “client”, which was misconstrued as “dealing”. It is no more dealing in dogs than Dr. Asa Mays’ veterinary work. The suspension has effectively all but killed my teaching/lecturing activity as well.


It has been nearly three years since that incident. How long do the staff and Board want to punish me for this error in judgment on that one day, that one couple of hours? My most recent plea was to ask Janet Ford what their intentions were, regarding their next recommendation to the Board; this was ignored, and that is why I am appealing directly to you. I understand that Board meetings are crammed with things to act on, and that it is customary to simply go along with Staff recommendations, but I implore you to take a personal interest in this. I would do so if the tables were turned, and you were asking me for help. I feel it my calling in life to be a helper, whether by judging or any other means. Therefore, it truly is my life that has been affected by this unreasonably long and severe action. I have had purebred dogs since 1937, first litter in 1946, was a handler for many years, and started judging in 1979. Judging was the pinnacle of my involvement in dogs. Please restore my lifelong goal and activity. I even suggested to Ms. Ford that if necessary, I could agree to a moratorium on accepting domestic (AKC) judging assignments, for whatever length of time you deem sufficient punishment, but still list me in the book as an AKC judge. This way, I can still accept international assignments (and the lecture tours associated with them), while remaining, as it were, “out of her hair”. If they really want me to stop AKC judging, this would accomplish their goal. The staff apparently is ignoring my request for this compromise and amount of mercy. I hope you will grant at least that much.



Fred Lanting


Ref (1) Crime & Punishment "Addamo Asks" Was it fair or was it punishment?  A judge gets a lifetime sentence.



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