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Behind the impenetrable wall that surrounds the AKC, there are formidable forces that can destroy judging careers with a word here, a roll of the eyes there.

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, TheDogPress | 03|08|11


Those who are high enough on the heirarchy ladder to peek over the wall have seen it happen, but most lack either the courage or wherewithal to challenge the American Kennel Club. That fact alone stands as an effective defense for the AKC.

There are however, some brave challengers. Charles P. Herendeen's father “Chuck” Herendeen went on to become an all-breed licensed handler, then an AKC judge, and crowned his 30 year career by joining the rarified ranks of AKC All-Breed Judges. Chuck Herendeen also sued the AKC so history may repeat through the strong genes of the Herendeen men.

As a third generation AKC dog man, Charles P. Herendeen III ("Skip") may be forced to file suit against the American Kennel Club. Approved as an AKC licensed handler in 1974, Skip Herendeen III applied to judge in 1997. Over the years, he was approved for BIS, Miscellaneous, Junior Showmanship, all Hound breeds, the Hound Group, and the majority of Sporting breeds. By May of 2010 Skip felt it was time to apply for the balance of the Sporting Group and that is where this story begins. But first, some background.


About That Bribe Attemp: March 2006 - Skip Herendeen refused a substantial bribe involving cash and judging assignments in exchange for rigging the Group and Best In Show at a Texas show. Offended by the attempted bribe and concerned for the sport, Herendeen number three immediately brought it to the attention of the AKC Rep, Sue Vroom. The end result was that handler Davin McAteer and AKC judge Doug Shipley were removed from the sport by lifetime suspensions. End of story? No.


Herendeen refused to give AKC a subsequent tape recording in which Shipley and McAteer said they had done a similar deal with his father. His deceased father could not defend himself against that remark and AKC’s demand seemed pointless. The information he had already provided had been sufficient to cause Shipley and McAteer to confess to the attempted bribe and affirm that Skip had rejected them. Nonetheless, Darrel Hayes and AKC’s General Counsel continued to demand the tape so, after erasing his father’s name, he gave them a copy. In retrospect, Skip believes determination to protect his father’s good name somehow outweighed his protection of AKC’s good name.


After his appeal reduced the lifetime suspension to 5 years and was finally published in the AKC Gazette, TheDogPress asked for comment from Dennis Sprung, AKC President, or Darrel Hayes, VP Dog Show Operations or John Wade, Judging Operations but no one would discuss the matter nor state exactly what Herendeen was charged with. 


The October suspension of judge Jacqueline Stacey, appealed down to just a reprimand, was much more detailed as to the "crime" committed.  Jackie (wife of Terry Stacey, former director of AKC Inspections &THE HERENDEEN CASE CONTINUES - Go To Page 2 Investigations) was criticized for having awarded BIS to a dog she bred, the relationship advertised.  Advertising on the great little Affen was changed and many thought it was a tempest in a teapot but in any case, the APPEALS COMMITTEE report more clearly states the offense for which she received the reprimand and $100 fine.  Both cases can be reviewed in the Five Years portion of suspentions but you may want to continue reading the Herendeen case and then come back to visit the Suspended page, etc.