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Greed vs. Core Purpose

The AKC Mission Statement focus shifts to the bottom line, mixed-breed dogs, marketable health and responsible ownership. Comments welcome.


Breed Club Survey

We asked about newsletters, print or mailed, and your answers were enlightening.


On Tethering & Imports

The AKC's proactive position on dog training, tethering and ...


Fraud In AKC's CGC

Canine Good Citizen program highjacked by a petty thief.


Parent Club Problem

Your COMMENTS on a Club's purpose? Who does it serve?


End Of Dog Show Era

Clubs collapsing under power plays and judging assignment brokering.


Make AKC Great Again!

How YOU can help promote and support purebred dogs.


Biewer Stud Book Fraud

exploded into a meticulously documented case of AKC complicity.


Hello AKC Public Relations

Puzzling response to a specific example of anti-dog legislation.


Breed Club Litter Certification

Put DNA teeth into AKC and take a bite out of puppy mills?


MCOA Comments

The Mastiff Club problem set a new record for public vileness.


Cancer In The Mastiff Club

The problems plaguing this club are as large as the breed.

UKC Under New Ownership

A 102 year old United Kennel Club tradition continues.


UKC Rumors

Wayne Cavanaugh bought the United Kennel Club in 2000...


United Kennel Club

Real Dogs

For Real People

UKC Rejects Exaggerations

Prefaces ALL Breed Standards with...


UKC Premier Dog Show 2011

Over 5,000 entries expected for top Event!


AKC Woofipedia Spam

The message designed to hook you is false.


Changing Dog Clubs

Should Breed Clubs promote the sport instead of the breed...


Big Bad Wolf

Top handler arrested, over 300 dogs rescued from AKC inspected kennel!


Mixed Breed Dogs:

Do you believe AKC's duty is to purebred dogs?


AKC Social "Mutt" Activities

Favoring "mixed breed dogs" depreciates purebreds, so we called the AKC...


End of the Parent Breed Club

National breed clubs seem to have lost sight of the purebred dog.


Wrong Dog Scandal

We interviewed AKC Show Operations on this, your COMMENTS invited.


Judge Defies Breed Standard

AKC Rep says "it's up to the judge" Gads!!!


The Bedlington Case

challenged the AKC in this Four-Part Series !!


The Purloined Poodle

Exclusive interviews on Westminster Group win, AKC Trial Board, AKC judge Dennis McCoy charged with registration forgeries, Four-Part Legal Study !!


Dog Club Politics

Clubs should offer camaraderie in learning.


Reply To AKC Marketing

Humorous response to its Restructured Fees.


Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

Is purpose and breed standards more important than politics?


United All Breed Registry?

We sought direct information direct UBR!


Dog Clubs According To Groucho

What is the purpose of dog clubs? Readers responded!

Club In Trouble

Is your club only about assignment bartering and financial gain?


501c3 Dog Clubs

Converting to a tax exempt charity destroys the club's purpose.


Judas Goats/Dog Clubs

How many betrayers in your club?


Breed Clubs Under Attack

AKC forcing Breed Standard changes.


Marketing Microchips

Tiny AKC chip reveals YOUR personal info...


Pervert On Show Grounds

and Police officer threatened with suspension!


Silky Terrier Tails...

Club members file charges, Lawsuit follows, AKC silent.


Breed ID Workshop

I.D. dogs insures successful adoptions.


Dog Judging Solution

Readers on the way dogs are judged today.


Dog Club Members

Multi-group judge on what clubs depend on.


Deconstruction of Purebreds

stars with destruction of Breed Standards.


Herendeen Case Facts

He applies for balance of Group; instead he gets 5 year Judging Suspension! ��


Bearding The BCCA Board

AKC suspends Club President Susan Lybrand.


SCJA Judges vs. AKC Board

To affirm a rule on Rule Changes by AKC


Visit the American Coton Club for Coton Club membership or more information on the Coton breed.Judges Approval In Disarray

AKC’s position on provisional judges.


Westminster With Judges

Reserve your Prestige Seat and access.


Pom Club Adds Merle Color

And ignores AKC advice.


Blue Merle Spaniels & Poms

Baby dog classes and other October news.


Dog Clubs Make HEADlines

On club politics and corrupted election.


Changing Breed Standards

Interview with TKC (England) on how it is handling the problem.


Dog Show Entries Decline

It's not the economy stupid! By Part 2, we're out of denial.


Judges Seminar With A Twist

UKC does 3 days on applying the breed standard!


New Judge Approval Process

Senior Judges' Assoc. on who has sole power.


Judges On Judges' Fees

Dr. Penta's Message to Dog Show Judges.


Wooly Mammoth Judges

turn swapping assignments into racketeering!!


Ohio Supreme Court Bans Pit Bulls

The case, rulings, and background by Louis Fallon.


Dog Club Survival

Costs and corruption are soaring but here's a doable plan.


Dog News Views

On Mixed Breeds, Grands, vet bills up, entries down, HSUS gaining.


FCI Divorces CKC!

Ceases To Recognize Canadian Pedigrees, Judges, or Chs.


Irish Red & White Setters

AKC, FSS, UKC and Recognition Procedure jeopardizes a breed's History and Future.  Analytical look at AKC's violations of Standard Policies.


Bob Kane, SAOVA

The force behind defeat of PAWS!


Animal Rights Legal Defense

by ADBA President/CEO


Judges Are Independent Contractors!

AKC gives in to Judges and IRS regulations.


What's A Judge To Do?

A hard look at AKC's Conflict Policy by an AKC judge.


Judges Associations Query

Perhaps they are not associations at all?


Letter from NCA to AKC

Typical no response from AKC so we published.


Dog Show History

starting with the first show in England, by AKC historian Louis Fallon, incredible photos!


Overview of the PPA - 2002

The Puppy Protection Act explained - from the Pet Industry Joint Council.


SCJA Newsletter

What the Judges are thinking and how it affects exhibitors.


Delegate Duties!

Senior Judges cite AKC Charter & Bylaws "Delegates shall have sole power..."


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AKC News, Reports Index

Decades of Board Minutes and Chairman's Reports.  The net's first repository of AKC news!

Spotlighting The AKC

Fastest, easiest way to keep up with American Kennel Club hot button issues!


Doing A Newsletter

Breed, agility, or obedience, AKC judge offers tips on doing great club newsletters.



Another journalistic first, "presidential" pay revealed.


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Prime For Pet Shops

AKC's software program for full Puppy Registration and Inventory Management...


Judge Sues AKC & Breed Clubs

Exclusive INSIDER coverage.

Mixed Breed vs. Purebred Dogs

AKC's All American Dog designation for mixed breeds is a slap in the face to purebred dog breeders.


Ringer: Pom Substituted

Charges filed, affidavits, photographic evidence provided, COMMENTS welcome...


Read AKC's #1 Best Seller, SUSPENDEDSuspended Records

Check here before you hire a handler, elect a club official, or co-own a dog.


Be A Specialty Breeder

What makes hobby breeding different from rescue? Your comments!

Judge Mickelson On Petland

She isn't afraid to speak out for breeders.


Delegates Outraged

Over Petland Contract and react accordingly.


Vanacor on Petland Contract

Supports the deal, what do you expect?


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Dozens of Letters on Petland

The dog fancy revolts over AKC betrayal.


AKC Rescinds Petland Contract

After intense pressure by TheDogPress.com


The AKC Mission Statement

changes to Mixed Breeds and the bottom line.


Mixed Breeds, China KC for $$$

AKC Chairman's Report, comments.


AKC 100 Years Ago

What changed the AKC, including the war, shows, and today's puppy mill favoritism. (History Series)


AKC Allows Name Changes

For $25 a fraudulent buyer can remove YOUR kennel name, use their own, re-sell the dog.


AKC Judging System

Are Judges and AKC defrauding breeders?


AKC's Wrinkles

Gary, Kim, and Michelle Steele expelled from Boxer Club for neglect.


Judge Files $1.8 million Suit

Federal suit against AKC for collusion, libel, persecution, and more! !!!


AKC & ATFTC Settle Lawsuit

AKC willing to settle but questions abound.


Pedigree - Studbook Fraud

AKC Stud Book corruption documentation, revealing 4-part series... !!!


More Stud Book Corruption

Top Kuvasz breeder says AKC knowingly allows false pedigrees to stand. !!!


AKC Conditional Registration

Recent legal actions, complaints result in  "Conditional Registration."


Made even worse for breeders, better for puppy mills.


AKC Milestone Election 2012

A shaky future, what will the new board do?


2009 AKC Board Candidates

Who are they, before you vote...


AKC 2009 Election Results

New members, biographical portraits.


AKC Suspends Victim!

and let Andrew Green off again! !


Suspended?  Not Suspended!

AKC seems really inconsistent.


AKC Registration Changes

Favors puppy mills not show breeders.


AKC News Mixed Breeds

(Designer Dogs!) in Purebred Classes?


AKC's Letter To Puppy Mills

Offers Free overnight handling, no late fees, and other perks show breeders don't get.


AKC Reps Bully Exhibitors

3 outrageous examples of strong arm tactics.


AKC Refuses To Honor Co-Own

contract even though Davino has met all the legal requirements.


AKC Buying PAWS?

Senator Rick Santorum's visit to AKC's Board netted $29,000. ��


AKC vs. Bolton - The Case

Judge found Not Guilty by AKC Trial Board, but ... Part 1 of astounding actions! !!!


What Is The AKC Entity?

A non-profit over dog clubs which are just revenue for the corporation?


AKC Branding Purebred Dogs

Report leaves readers headed for the shelter!


Boulton Legal Defense

Do we want justice or puppets passing out ribbons?


AKC Registration Debacle

AKC refused comment on registering non-registered dogs, YOU had plenty to say! ��


AKC Director Interferes with Chihuahua Club Ballot ��

He sends letter to members re how to vote.


Annual AKC Judging Fee (tax)

Fees history, impact on exhibitors, etc.


AKC's Judging Tax Withdrawn

SCJA victorious, DJAA & ADSJ silent.


Should AKC Support Clubs?

When we're all cutting back.


Convicted AKC Judge

Forged registrations, embezzled over a half $million... still judging! !!!



Proposed Chihuahua Breed Standard Change

To disqualify merle color from competition.


AKC Board Of Directors Bios

Garvin, Newman, Scully In; Battaglia and Gladstone out.


Delegates Keep Term Limits

Unseating and really upsetting the Board.


Executive Sessions Increase

Why is everything suddenly a secret from the fancy the board is supposed to serve?


Judges Pull Rank

Stating the record about historic firsts and American Kennel Club progress.


Analysis On $25 p/dog Exhibition "tax"

New Breed Club problems...


Open Letter To AKC Chairman

From a judge and Quality Control analyst.


Should Elderly or infirm judges resign?

Ballot Results & Your Comments sent to AKC Judges Department.


AKC Wants To Know Your Income & Assets!

Innocent form ... becomes lists for sale !!!


What AKC Said (and didn't) about its position on the infamous AB 1634 then get two perspectives in the

AKC Legislative Dept. Interview and the Freedom Editorial War Games. It isn't a matter of opinion - only YOUR opinion  matters.


CHF Board Disagrees

With the President's Letter To AKC re Hostile Takeover of Canine Health Foundation.


AKC Canine Health Foundation

Lynch v. AKC/CHF.  Former Exec. Director awarded $544,000 plus $70,000 personal damages. !!!


AKC Donates $25,000 to NAIA

Sari Teitjen questions that, so do we... !!!


Revenge Of The Evil Empire

A judge's quest for justice.  The crime, the charge, the life sentence. !!!


AKC Judge On Application Process

What are qualifications for those who control our rings?


AKC Awards Linda Witouski

TheDogPress reporter, plus Delegates meeting.


Akita Breed Split

Effective Jan 2006 The Kennel Club England does what AKC should have done.


Inaugural Dog Registry Conference

Hosted by UKC to explore the future of pure-bred dogs.


USCR Inaugural Meeting

Of Registries, Oct. 2006, (AKC declined) historical coalition.


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