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SCJA Objects - Seeks Input re AKC "Conflict"

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Senior Conformation Judges Association

Conflict, Institute, & Feedback


Excerpts from CEO’s Letter to Senior Conformation Judges Association Members  “We have held up the attached newsletter for a week…. (after) we received word from the AKC concerning the various restrictions placed on our judges. Bear this in mind when you read our May newsletter since we talked about the subject coming up at our annual meeting.” “That letter was effective at their April meeting in that they decided to table this subject until the next month’s meeting (May) at which time they passed it.”


CEO Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede’s letter continues “It is extremely important that all of our members let us know their thoughts on this subject. They will be held in strictest confidence, so feel free to express your candid views.”


“We were advised some years go by the Chairman of the AKC Board at a joint meeting of the 3 national judges groups and the entire AKC Board that whenever a major item affecting judges is coming up for consideration by the AKC Board, that the 3 national judges groups would be consulted. This present policy was done with no contact whatsoever with the SCJA.


“(LATE BREAKING NEWS: The SCJA CEO has personally spoken with the presidents of the DJAA and the ADSJ, and both have confirmed that, like the SCJA, they were not advised or asked for input on this major policy change. This not withstanding that the judges organizations some years ago were promised to be consulted prior to any major changes affecting AKC judges.)


“We are contemplating asking for a meeting between the 3 national judges groups and the AKC similar to the one that was held when the AKC came out with their horrendous disciplinary sanctions for the various judging infractions.


“Consider the fact that any contract that you have signed was signed in good faith and under present acceptable policies. Some legal authorities have questioned the legality of having a large number of individuals negating legal contracts signed in good faith. This will be explored in the proper forum.




Wallace H. Pedé



Editor’s note: Go to http://scja.org/ for more info on the upcoming Judges Institute, open to aspiring judges, breeders, and handlers, Las Vegas NV in August 12th – 18th or email Nina Sherrer ACEF Director Of Education acef04@yahoo.comm enrollment is limited and on a first come, first served basis.


The Senior Conformation Judges Assoc. was the first such group to hold formal judges’ training matches, seminars, and institutes and as such is often referred to as the “granddaddy” of today’s proliferation of such events. In part, the home page of the SCJA proclaims its purpose is to:


* To emphasize and assist in every way possible with the education of judges, prospective judges, and dog breeders.


* To sponsor educational seminars and symposia on a regional and national basis on all phases of judging and any other facet of the dog world for judges, prospective judges, breeders and exhibitors.


What will be the reaction of SCJA member judges? What about the other two judges’ associations? We will contact them for comment and position at this stage of the AKC Conflict Of Interest." More news next “Judges’ Edition” as this story develops.



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