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AKC SUSPENDED, penalty, fine, reason for suspension searchable records only at TheDogPress


March 2014 Suspensions

AKC reduced serious sentences by nearly 100% in 2009 as compared to previous years.  Jack Norton, Director of AKC Compliance, could not offer any reason, nor could he provide a list of people previously suspended.


Given the difficulty in obtaining and compiling this information, we are not responsible for error or omission. Suspensions may change after the fact. If you have any questions, please contact the American Kennel Club.  If you do not find the person you are looking for, click the book to go back to the Index or try another time period, links below.


QUICK-FIND a person by name, perceived charges, penalty or other keyword: press Ctrl key and the letter F, then type in the name or keyword and click "find next". Previously suspended persons are Quick-linked for instant reference. (TIP - click the book to go back to Index.)

5 Years or Less Suspensions/Reprimands

The AKC Secretary's report contains the following statement "As a result of an Event Committee determination the following individual(s) stand suspended of AKC privileges. It should be noted that this determination may still be appealed and may be reversed. Upon expiration of the appeal process, an appropriate notice describing the status of the individual’s suspension, if any, will appear in this column: Mr. Duane Forbes (Mesa, AZ) | Ms. Elaine Humphrey (Glenmont, NY)


Robert “Skip” Bittner (Newman, GA)" as of December 2013 "stand suspended of AKC privileges" and to date, no fine or term of suspension has been published.  However ii Robert Bittner (instant information) has been suspended multiple times.


Joseph David Fowler III (Forest Grove, OR) Action was taken by the Northwest Pointing Dog Association for conduct at its September 8, 2013 event. Mr. Fowler was charged with abusive or foul language/verbal altercation and disruptive behavior at an event. The Staff Committee reviewed the Event report and set the penalty at a six month event suspension and a $500 fine, effective December 3, 2013. (German Shorthaired Pointer)

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No March AKC 10 Year Suspensions

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No March AKC 15 Year To Lifetime Suspensions

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