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AKC SUSPENDED, penalty, fine, reason for suspension searchable records only at TheDogPress


June (only) - No July 2017 Suspensions


American Kennel Club suspensions; search by name, state, charges, penalty.  The first (1999) and ONLY compiled quick-find source is TheDogPress. 


We were told by a former American Kennel Club Officer that our records are more complete, up-to-date, and searchable than AKC's own records. TheDogPress.com is not responsible for errors or omissions as AKC corrections, changes or suspensions may change after the fact. If you have any questions, please contact the American Kennel Club. 


AKC reduced serious sentences by nearly 100% in 2009 as compared to previous years.  Jack Norton was Director of AKC Compliance for many years.  Wanda Forlines is the highly regarded current Director.


We present only the current month of AKC Suspensions.  You must be an Insider Subscriber in order to go further back to see if someone you are about to buy a dog from, co-own with, admit to your club, etc. is or has ever been suspended by AKC.


QUICK-FIND a person by name, perceived charges, penalty or other keyword: press Ctrl key and the letter F, then type in the name or keyword and click "find next". Previously suspended persons are Quick-linked for instant reference. (TIP - click the book to go back to Index.)

If you do not find the person you are looking for, click the book to go back to the Index or try another time period, links below.


Suspensions imposed by the AKC’s Management, Disciplinary Committee, and AKC Event Committees;


5 Years or Less Suspensions/Reprimands through June 2017

The American Kennel Club Secretary's page states the following statement:

"As a result of an Event Committee determination the following individual(s) stand suspended of AKC privileges. It should be noted that this determination may still be appealed and may be reversed. Upon expiration of the appeal process, an appropriate notice describing the status of the individual’s suspension, if any, will appear in this columnMs. Debbie White (Grayson, GA)


...reprimanded Ms. Loren Marino (Toms River, NJ) and imposed a $200 fine, for entering/exhibiting a dog that the entrant knew or should have known was ineligible to compete in the event. (Multiple Breeds)


Mr. Jerry Parisek (Pleasant View, TN) Action was taken by the Southern Indiana Kennel Club for conduct at its August 28, 2016 event. Mr. Parisek was charged with inappropriate public criticism of a judge, not disruptive, but demonstrating a lack of sportsmanship. The Staff Committee reviewed the Event report and set the penalty at a reprimand and a $50 fine. (Multiple Breeds)


...reprimanded Mr. Chuck McCall (Baton Rouge, LA) for submitting an online litter registration application without written permission of the litter owner, and for signing a dog registration application on behalf of the litter owner without filing a properly completed Power of Attorney form. (Labrador Retriever)


...reprimanded Ms. Cookie “Flavia” Kelley (Windsor, ME) for submitting three online litter registration applications and one online dog registration application, on behalf of the co-litter owners without written permission; and for signing a registration certificate of transfer on behalf of the co-owners and signing ten dog registration applications on behalf of the co-litter owners without filing a properly completed Power of Attorney form. (Multiple Breeds)


ii Instant Information on AKC's meaning of Improper Treatment


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No AKC 10 Year Suspensions June 2017


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AKC 15 Year To Lifetime Suspensions June 2017


...suspended Ms. Teresa Getting (De Witt, IA) from all AKC privileges for fifteen years and imposed a $3000 fine, effective May 9, 2017, for conduct prejudicial to purebred dogs, purebred dog events, or to the best interests of The American Kennel Club based on her violation of the AKC’s Judicial or Administrative Determination of Inappropriate Treatment Policy. (Multiple Breeds)


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ii Instant Information on AKC's meaning of a Cruelty Conviction


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