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What does Agenda 21 have to do with companion animal breeders, livestock producers, HSUS and other animal “rights” groups and global government?


February 2014 | TheDogPress.com

B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


Inside New York City United Nations, where Agenda 21 was launchedMany of our politicians in America are providing cover for and actually working to implement the United Nations Agenda 21 plan that is meant to destroy the Constitution of the United States, bringing us one step closer to the very real, very current “New World Order” which many say is a Satanist-connected cult.


Here is the connection that threatens every purebred cat and dog owner. Maurice Strong (instant information) is founder of UN Agenda 21, a senior board member and advisor of the Humane Society of the United States, and an active member of the "New Agers" Satanic cult. If you think none of this can really affect you, stay with me a minute and you will see that it already has, even if you only have a couple of house pets and no interest in “politics”.


While you may not agree with the sport of cockfighting, you might be even more uncomfortable knowing that the entire attack against the gamecock farmers of America is driven by satanic animal worship as they attempt to move all animals above human lives. Think about it. The animal rights groups place more value on a frog’s habitat than on your right to fill in the pond on your property, learn about ii Animal Rights Origin & History. The Delta Smelt protection bunch has been in District and Federal court for years, seeking to destroy hundreds of major food producers in the San Joaquin Delta in order to protect the “rights” of a useless 3” long fish that lives in crop irrigation ditches. Gamecock breeders are easy targets due to public perception but these same animal rights fanatics will destroy pet animal breeders if we fail to reveal their real “Agenda” to the voting public.


Please take the time to learn the connection between the founder of UN Agenda 21 Maurice Strong, the HSUS animal rights agenda and the Satanists within the Church of Satan. They have already convinced the majority of Americans to worship animals as they put chickens above the lives of the farmers that own the chickens.


The short youtube video rattled the host and his guest who stuttering, admitted that there is a provision in the Farm Bill that makes it a federal crime to bring a minor to a cockfight. What else is hidden in there? Makes you wonder how long before they put parents in jail for taking children to a rodeo or circus.


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The First Amendment of the United States guarantees the free exercise of religion and God gave man dominion over the earth, animals, fish and fowl. Our Constitution was written to ensure that each man is equal. Thus the free exercise of religion includes exercising the dominion that God gave to each person. Whether you are a religious person or not, I think you will agree that your neighbor, the HSUS, the local police or animal control people have no authority to deprive you of your God-given dominion over the animals, fish or fowl that you own. Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus Christ promote using force to make people comply with biblical morals and significantly, our founding fathers included that concept when writing the U.S. Constitution. Scholars agree that our founders followed the New Testament.


The entire Constitution is a written document limiting the authority and the ability of the majority to deprive the minority of their God given rights, freedoms, liberty and property.


The government of today attempts to use force to make people comply with any law that is passed but here is why that cannot happen. I do not have the authority to go to my neighbor's home and take his "property" from him. If I get some of my friends to join me in going to my neighbor's home and taking his property, it may give me a majority and the force necessary to do it but I don't have moral or legal "authority" to do so. Since our government draws its authority from "we the people" and that authority is limited by the US Constitution, "we the people" cannot give our government "power" that we ourselves do not have the authority to give.


The government's authority and duty is to protect the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and "the property" of each person against any advances, infringements and restrictions that another person and/or group may attempt to impose on the individual. And that is where we run into the communist policies of the United Nations Agenda 21.


The founder of Agenda 21 and HSUS senior board member/advisor is Maurice Strong. He has openly stated his goal is to “use the UN to cause the collapse of America" The HSUS's role in achieving his goal is to attack animal agriculture, drive up the cost of animal production, criminalize animal industries when possible and to achieve the foundational plan of UN Agenda 21 by putting animals, fish and fowl above human lives. This is clearly seen when police make raids and point guns at American citizens using the preposterous excuse that they are defending the animals!


Many Christians are so disconnected from the roots of the Bible and Christian teachings that they are placing animals above the life of people who in my case, breed to perpetuate the traits of gamecock. Yes, we harvest them (like egg, beef and pork producers must do to feed a hungry nation) but nothing is wasted. Would you send law enforcement officers out to make raids against cockfighters of the past? People like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and many more of our founding fathers who avidly enjoyed the gamecock sport?


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The enforcement of every “animal protection” law creates situations where police or government agents may use force (including deadly force) to make someone comply with that law. Would you advocate the idea that government agents should make raids, point guns at and possibly kill cattle ranchers using the excuse that it is their duty to stop them from slaughtering their livestock? Do you accept that Animal Control {3} can batter down your door and in your absence, confiscate your mother dog and her nursing puppies?


If that is so then you are empowering our government to put the opinion of animal rights organizations above our God-given and constitutionally protected rights. I don’t think that is the case and I believe you will want to know more about Maurice Strong, co-founder of UN Agenda 21, and how insidiously the Humane Society of the united States (HSUS) has already corrupted the thinking and beliefs of so many Americans. Strong has stated that his goal is to use the United Nations to cause the collapse of the industrialized nations and America is at the top of his list. Strong advocates using Non-Government Organizations like the HSUS to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in every country worldwide.


Now you are seeing the connection between the push for “animal rights” and the umbrella organization of the HSUS which is the Humane Society International (HSI), one of 983 Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) created to push the policies and ideology of UN Agenda 21. The HSUS's role is to demonize and vilify America's farmers, ranchers (and breeders of companion animal species) and to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in America. The Global plan is well under way. Count the initiatives; to attack our animal agriculture industries, drive up the cost of animal production, criminalize our animal agriculture industries when and where possible to "cause the collapse of America".


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Editor's Note: Yes, there are new "animal rights" laws that place more value on a chicken's life than on yours.  See Animal Law Discrimination and Agenda 21/Animal Rights (below) and then when you have swallowed these bitter pills, choke down the morsel that explains how HSUS Profits On Animal Abuse.


This is a must watch VIDEO in Video Theater, Stop illegal seizure! Licensed private investigator and Constitutional scholar walks the audience through your God-given and legal rights, one step at a time.

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