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The planned establishment of a public database of dog breeder licenses could provide personal information for those planning to profit from the new “snitch” program.  See Bounty Hunters {2} because such financial rewards can lead to a significant escalation in unannounced, warrantless raids on private residences.


Most states have animal rights representatives aggressively lobbying politicians with bills similar to HB1451. The question remains about HSUS flagrantly breaking the 1995 Lobbying Act. HSUS pretends to be a nonprofit charity, (paid for at taxpayer expense) but under the law they should not be allowed to sponsor lobbyists. How do they get away with this?


According to our friend, Attorney Frank Losey, “. . . As of February 1, 2012 the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (PUPS) has a total of 196 Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives, and 32 Co-Sponsors in the Senate!


PETA and HSUS target schools to breed a new generation of "disciples" to carry forth their Message.So how did the HSUS accomplish this? HSUS has spends $ millions on developing its messages, retaining marketing firms that specialize in such things as "Message Development," "Emerging Media," "Social Media," and "Fund Raising." HSUS targets all sectors and age groups of our society.


PETA and HSUS target schools to breed a new generation of "disciples" to carry forth their Message. That is one of the purposes of the HSUS "Humane Action Guide for Kids," which tells children as young as 5-years-old how to contact their elected representatives and lobby in support of the HSUS Legislative Agenda. And then there is the HSUS "Guide for Churches" which serves as a vehicle to influence messages from the pulpit.


Senator Santorum introduced the fearsome PUPS legislation {3} which was supported by the American Kennel Club (and Obama).  All states and the USDA already have established laws to assure the humane treatment of animals. PUPS requirements for housing and care are more demanding than some of those required for nursing homes {4} and PUPS is funded by HSUS using aggressive lobbyists.


Our shameful “Politicians” know that any form of these bills, if passed, no matter how many amendments are included, will give the animal rights groups a “Foot in the Door”, learn about ii Animal Rights Origin & History, for additional outrageous restrictions and requirements added each year to systematically strangle ownership, breeding and enjoyment of all domestic animals. The sorry “Politicians” proposing or supporting these unneeded animal rights bills should be removed from office immediately.


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