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From Alaska to Arabia, all cultures worshipped or utilized dogs even in Muslim countries where they are traditionally scorned. Enter PeTA and HSUS...


Fred Lanting | Mar 2013

TheDogPress.com reprint from Arab (Alabama) Tribune


Fred LantingThe odds are pretty good that you are a dog lover and nany of you know that I am called “Mr. GSD” although I judge all breeds, not only German Shepherd Dogs. I have judged shows and lectured about dogs in 30 countries and there is no place on earth where dogs and dog lovers have complete liberty to enjoy life and each other. At one end of the scale would be the Hawaiians of sixty or more years ago. One of those, our neighbor in 1958, told us that many natives loved dogs so much, that they nearly worshipped them.


At the other end of the tolerance spectrum are the more repressive Islamic countries, in which dogs have been considered “unclean” and untouchable. If you accidentally or through necessity touch a dog, you must physically and ceremonially wash your hands and pray for forgiveness.


But even where Muslims make up 97% of the population (such as in Pakistan), there are some younger or more modern persons who participate in Western-style dog breeding and do not follow tradition. I have met such people whose parents (living on the same property) do not touch the dogs that their sons rear and exhibit. In other countries, such as in the stricter, repressive Middle East, almost all dogs are feral strays that eat garbage and carrion. In those areas, you would not find dogs in any amiable relationship with humans.


SALUKIS USED WITH HAWKS IN ARABIAIn some Muslim areas, such as parts of rural Saudi Arabia or remote Sahara realms of the Tuareg Berbers, certain coursing breeds such as Greyhounds and Salukis are used in hunting, and they are as cherished as the fleet Arabian horses and camels they depend on. When they wish to, people find exceptions to the strictest Islamic or religious rules. This gives credence to the assertion that religion is a human invention, for the most part. By that word “religion”, I refer to practices, not relationship.


Most of us are somewhere toward the middle of that spectrum. Many of us grieve as deeply over the death of a faithful furry friend as we do over a relative, close friend, or lover. Others are less affected but they at least understand or tolerate the human-animal bond.


But then, there are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The empire builders who are dead-set on taking away the rights and privileges of people who would exercise that bond. The two worst are the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) and the terrorist group called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Both follow the tried-and-true subterfuge of choosing high-sounding names that evoke images of friendship, service, ethics, humanity, and other virtues. But some of the most deadly serpents are the most subtle and attractive, and it is known by philosophers and clerics that Satan comes disguised as an angel of light and love, not a tail and horn-endowed obvious enemy.


For the enlightenment of the deceived, it must be said here that HSUS is not the same as your local Humane Society (although some of the latter have been snookered into affiliation). The local groups generally are your sympathetic, animal-loving neighbors, but the HSUS is strictly a money operation that spends an extremely small percentage of its incoming millions to feather the beds of the scam’s owners. The latter has successfully recruited air-headed movie stars (people whom the masses foolishly adore, thinking fame equals truth and trust) and uses fund-raising organizations to rake in your dough.


On the other side of the cultural battleground are fragmented groups of the poor and moderate-income, the loving families that open their hearts and homes to furry friends. Some of these will graduate (or already have) to hobbyists and competitive sports enthusiasts, and some become active breeders who seek to create that elusive perfect combination of bloodlines. They want to create beauty and gain acclaim for doing so. The big problem is that this competitive spirit is not easy to mate with the cooperative spirit needed to resist the organized power of a well-funded for-profit HSUS. A hundred determined but separate bands of wild Celts, Gaels, or Picts were no match, in the end, for the oligarchic organization of the Roman Empire or even the later Romano-British or Anglo-Saxon cultures.


Getting individual dog owners to band together for their mutual interests is as hard as keeping Southern Baptist churches from splitting, or getting Protestants to agree on almost anything.


Once in a great while, hobby breeders have partial, local, or temporary victories but they are few and almost insignificant in the larger picture. Early this year, a Miami-Dade judge ruled in favor of Purebred Breeders, a family-owned Florida business dedicated to wedding loving families to well-raised puppies. HSUS was found to be in violation of the RICO Act when they attempted to influence the public against purchasing pets and the lawsuit HSUS filed against the circus backfired. {1}


The former Deputy Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Agriculture Brent Gattis has said, “The HSUS raises funds for its lawsuits and lobbying activities while leading the public to believe that the donations are supporting local shelters.” (They aren’t! Most local societies have no connection at all with that fraudulent “national” group.) Less than one percent of HSUS incoming monies goes to sheltering activities, making that organization one of the top scams in the country.


TheDogPress.com reports that HSUS is being investigated by IRS for tax fraud. {2} Half a dozen Congressmen have called for an IRS investigation after finding that HSUS uses the misleading and incorrect assumption that there is a connection with your local animal-welfare groups with similar names to raise billions of dollars. The IRS is getting involved because of a missing half-billion on tax returns by Frank Losey (see the www reference in the previous paragraph) proves that HSUS deliberately misleads you to believe that aid to animals is their raison d’être and that they are in bed with your local shelter. Not at all true.


Any reader who is tempted (by a combination of a soft heart and an uninformed mind) to contribute to or defend HSUS should think twice. As goes the old warning that I learned in high-school Latin, Caveat emptor! Translation: Buyer, beware! or, Don’t get snookered! Don’t buy into any scheme that you haven’t investigated from more than one aspect.

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{1} HSUS Sues Circus, Elephants Fight Back!     {2} HSUS Lobbygate Tax Violations


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