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Diploma Mill For Judges


Little Bird said for “a few hundred dollars” judges can get AKC approval for Additional Breeds by paying other judges to falsify their judging applications.


October 1, 2019 - I’m not a song bird but I’m always tuned in. Usually I eavesdrop on phone and power lines but like packrats, you humans have become obsessive about trying to hide your wires. I thought only dogs buried their stuff but I see people are getting more like their dogs while I’ve been on vacation.


I love North America this time of year so I’m back for a while before heading to South America for the winter. They’ve got big problems down there, humans beating up on each other and… What? Oh, sorry, you want doggy news...


Well, I overheard a conversation about pay-for-play and I thought it was going to be about sex! But no, it is about selling power. Someone said the Canine Chronicle broke the story about the judges’ racket where they are falsifying “judging applications for new judges and for judges who want additional breeds.


I was about to take off when TheDogPress editor said “It doesn’t surprise me, most people know about assignment-trading well! We exposed that years ago.” Now that would have got my ears up except they are just holes in my head. The caller said “Of course, yeah… but this is big-time and big money!” The wind came up about then, nearly blew me off my perch! I missed the names but got a grip just as BJ said “Judges have always helped their friends climb the ladder to bigger and more lucrative assignments. That is a good thing but selling those favors is whole ’nuther thing!


Whoever that was on the other end of the line said “No BJ, this is about judges buying false references to put on their judging background!” The wind whipped up and there was a lot of static but then another voice said “It could be criminal fraud because there’s a good deal of money involved.” To that, the “editor” said “Probably not, AKC would squash any legal action.” By then I was holding on with both feet and making myself small in the wind so I missed the rest of the conversation or they hung up. I am not sure. The wire just had static and I lost the connection.


I might be just a little bird but I’ve got a big brain for my size. I have an untypical friend, a guy we birds call a Legal Eagle. I found him soaring over a pasture looking for rodents. He loves mice. And he likes things orderly. I motioned to him and we chose a sturdy limb. I had to balance there (my feet couldn’t fit around it) so I’m tottering in the wind but I told him what I heard and he said “Buying false references could be criminal fraud if there is a substantial money involved.” I said I didn’t know how much money passed and looking down at me he said “Let me know and I’ll look into it.” Don’t laugh, he can see a rabbit in the grass from 2 miles away!


I think he’s bored with this thing you people call Pay For Play. He fluffed his white feathers (I’ve never been able to do that!) meaning he can’t be bothered. I get it. I twerped a laugh and he flew off. His downdraft just about wrecked me!


If only I had rabbit ears… but I’ll see what else I can pick up on this. You people can call or email the editor any examples you know of. Eagle said it is old news and not really illegal so maybe no one cares?


Reference & Related Article Information {1} AKC Approval System In Disarray  ~  Judges Can Solicit!

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