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Green Air For Groomers!


Professional groomers are exposed to sprays, chemicals, hair and dander, all of which can pollute the airways. How certain plants (photos) can save your lungs.


UPDATE 2019 - Sept 2014 | TheDogPress.com

Vickie Haywood, Pet Care and Professional Groomer


Of late I have been more interested in air quality since I suffer from COPD.  Recently a fellow retired dog groomer was stricken with breathing difficulties and is now on oxygen, a prisoner inside her home.


I was diagnosed with COPD quite some time ago and thought I had taken necessary steps to improve my quality of life while maintaining my grooming work (inhaling dust, dander, products) and (GASP) cigarette smoke!!!  I have to admit I am not the neatest cleanest housekeeper either....


But I recently discovered one thing we should all do is go GREEN.  A study conducted by Dr. Bill Wolverton, PhD (NASA) found that certain house plants reduce the levels of Benzene (paint varnish,  tobacco smoke, and inks, Formaldehyde (plywood, carpet, insulation) and TCE (solvents).


House plants can reduce air pollution by as much as 87% in as little as 24 hours!

THAT is some serious air cleaning!!!!  And much cheaper than those fancy gadgets that are so expensive and require changing filters at additional expense.


There are over 50 common house plants that help purify the air we breathe in our homes and offices.  Just get one 6 to 8 inch pot plant per 100 square feet of living or work space.  Very little knowledge is needed to care for air-cleaner plants.  Purchase them from a reliable source so you are not adding mold and mildew to the environment through old, contaminated plants.  Talk to a trusted grower to get more information but here are some simple basics:



All of the above, especially bamboo palm, spider plants and Peace Lily are easy to grow and maintain.  They not only add life and happiness to the environment, they add color and whether in your office, grooming shop, or home, they are excellent “air-cleaners.”


Make sure your plants are hanging or placed where pets cannot get to them

Some house plants can be toxic when ingested or at the least, give a pet a tummy ache.  The benefits outweigh the small danger if plants are placed responsibly.


For more information, google “Air purifying Plants” and you’ll find there are even books devoted to the subject. SO GO GREEN!!!!!!


*Editor's Note* Vickie is now a Reiki Master.

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