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As the "oldest and boldest" dog news, TheDogPress columnists cover the purebred dog from puppy care to politics and ringside perspective.


Question Of Ear Cropping

Branding and notching livestock is acceptable so why do animal rights advocates seek to make cropping dog breeds illegal?


Pet Safe Holiday Tips

If the family dog's routine is upset by the holidays and he relieves frustration on firecrackers, turkey bones, or Christmas decorations there are serious risks!



TheDogPress.com pays tribute to the icons who contributed to our knowledge of purebred dogs


Christmas Adoptions

Pet adoptions surge as people open their hearts and homes to shelter animals but there's a dark side to the adoption racket...


A Christmas Wish

When we visited my dying friend, I realized some dogs can cross the rainbow bridge both ways - especially at Christmas.


Dogs Saved Her Life

From a promising medical career to bedridden, divorce and despair, dogs literally saved this AKC judge's life.


It Happened At A Dog Show

Showing dogs is the 2nd oldest American Sport so when football players took a knee and then a handful of dog show exhibitors tried it, well...


Dog Eat Dog In Vets World

Here's how veterinary insurance insured big business monopolies, lucrative investments, and what it does to you and your pets.


Puppy Mill Crime

Reporter covered Great Danes, a Pug owner who did his own C-sections, a gruesome Whippet case, contacted AKC and here's the American Kennel Club's response.


Why They Target Dogs

Our political enemies use legislation to control our children and our dogs.



History, mystery, records and news you will get nowhere else.


Click Insider Access to see what you've been missing and tell the little dog to Fetch Your Access Key.


Torturing Dogs

It's not a human right, dogs have the right not to be born handicapped.


Reiki Bodywork WORKS!

You know it works but do you know what it can do for your dog?


Vaccinosis Disease Part 3

What you can do to restore health & protect the immune system.


Unconstitutional Animal Laws

Most are violations of the law as cited in these Constitutional Amendments.


Cancer Patient Arrested

for failure to pay $5 dog license fee just before surgery. Her jail ordeal ...


Full Uterus For Sale

Dog-for-sale ad for a pregnant, 9 year old German Shepherd... your COMMENTS!


Web Against Purebred Dogs

Maddie's Fund and top tech giants invest $millions in Adopt-A-Pet.com


Grooming Rule Violations

Selectively enforced? Ballot results and reader comments.


Demand AKC Papers?

What is the credibility? Mixed Breeds, and more.


Proof Is In The Pudding

AKC Judge on qualifications of those who control our careers.


Defense For Dog Seizure Cases

animal litigation attorney explains property legal defense...


Animal Law Discrimination

why and how to legally challenge before HUMAN rights are gone.


Can Dogs Have PTSD?

Is your previously outgoing dog suddenly cowering or afraid of certain sounds?


Computer Tutor Tips

Commands and shortcuts save you time! Find anything on a page, flip pages, quick command for new page, and much more.


Why Dogs Bite Back

Dog attacks on humans are rare but 99% of bites are preventable.


Man Eats Dog

repelled by gruesome story and the cost of this guy's incredible stupidity.


Judging Dogs Blindfolded

Try this experiment in assessing canine structure and breed type.


Judging One Dog At A Time

This judge's unique method of showcasing every dog brings rave reviews.


Plan To Destroy Us

starts with legislation that controls agriculture, animals, and pet owners...


Cancer Research Fraud

Do low cost abortion-spay-neuter clinics sell reproductive organ tissues?


10,000 Animal Mutilations

Secret gov't study; is it aliens or something closer?


Pet Prescription Side Effects

Prescription Side Effects can kill your pet and you may not recognize the allergic reaction until too late!Medications are the 5th leading cause of HUMAN death...


Meet The Breeds

is like the drunken uncle everyone ignores and keeps out of sight!


Protecting Our Nests

The Eagle, wiser than the owl, hears our chatter from a higher perspective.


Immunize Against ...

Does the improbable mean a new laboratory disease is about to be let loose?


Dog Show Abuse - Part Two

Handler neglect and what exhibitors or at-home owners can do to protect their dogs.


NYC's Health Committee

Restrict breeder’s sales but NOT shelters! The Colonel’s plan to protect citizen rights...


Showing Your Dog UKC Style

If you are spent out from handler fees, read this and chuckle.


Animal Rights Unmasked

Political terrorists destroying the U.S. Constitution.


Image Of Dog Breeders

How we can protect dog breeders from shelter advertising.


Purebred Puppies For Sale

How can hobby dog breeders advertise without bringing on animal rights?



Excruciating cruelty case discovered within days of "satisfactory" AKC Inspection.


AKC's Judging System

Long-time AKC Board member on the “awful judging approval process.”


Dog butchering as Eastern dog eating delicacy, a dietary practice foreign to Westerners who keep dogs as pets, not as table food."Table Dogs" Hit by Rabies

divine intervention against eating dogs?



who will inspect YOUR kennel? Can or will AKC protect breeders?


No AKC Lobbyists!

AKC wants ME to contact my legislator?


2-Shows Per Day Background

Why AKC finally approves more ways to win.


What Is A Wolf Hybrid?

New fad brings disappointing results.


Fred Lanting - WriterCulture Of Pet Ownership

From Alaska to Arabia, cultures worshipped or utilized dogs - Enter PeTA & HSUS...


Imported Food & Drugs

deadly ethylene glycol in food, baby clothes and...


Zinc Chemical Neutering

We interview maker of Zinc Gluconate neutering agent.



University study debunks bats as primary rabies vector; implications...


Dog Fighting & Shelters

2011 saw $5,000 bounties on ringleaders, and pets stolen as ring bait.


Rescue Gone To The Dogs

Shelter transports may be dumping dogs, leading to “feral” dog attacks.


Why Pets Need Daily Routine

It can be harmful to upset that routine.


Animal Vibrations

They communicate on a different frequency; can you tune in?


Judging: Biased or Ignorant?

complaints are better founded than at any time in AKC history.


APHIS, AKC and Your Rights

Animal Rights victory, achieved by $millions in payoffs.


FREE ROW facts & photos

Akita owner denies attack but won't claim his dog.


Dogs Point To Poop

Just-released study on dogs pooping in alignment with earth's magnetic fields.


2015 Journalist Nominees

TOP JOURNALIST NOMINEES OF 2014Vote for Best Journalist and Best Article and decide who deserves this prestigious dog writer award?


Best Article Awards!

The best literary judges in the dog world (our readers) selected the top Canine Journalist and Best Article.


2014 Journalist Nominees

The Best Article voting is closed and 

The Winners For 2014..

Journalist, Article and most requested reprints.


Animal Rights Stealth

HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA ramp up the offensive against breeders.


Animal Rights or Welfare

Animal rights groups steal animals vs legit shelter & rescue groups.


Virulent Distemper Strain Hoax

Rush your dogs to the vet for a vaccine against the new distemper!


AKC Ethics

Teaches Judges How To Judge but loses Judges.


Do Cattle Dog owners represent the ultimate “Dog Politicians?”


Animal Shelter Fraud

See these financial charts! Then send to your friends who donate...


Animal Shelter Marketing

They have expert sales staff, and compete with you for sales.


Where Are All The Heroes?

A new look at Pet Animal Welfare Statute (PAWS) shows it isn't a pretty picture.


Mail Fraud, Fake Titles

If AKC were a car dealer, they'd be arrested for selling fake titles.


Col. Sam Harper,  Dogsport Reconnaissance

Politics and Purebreds

History shows Presidents prefer purebred dogs but Animal Rights destroy the Constitution ...


Show Dog Advertising

dog ads are more about politicking than about reaching potential buyers.


Harper Sees Albuquerque

And wants to know "Who elected that Moron Mayor?


Freedom From Imported Dogs

They asked me to do something special for this Freedom Edition so...


Parks & Wildlife Management

This “animal-friendly purpose” spends $billions!


Horse Slaughter Act Affects You

Animal Rights lobbyists TRIPLED the suffering of unwanted horses.


TOP JOURNALIST NOMINEES OF 2014Top Journalist Nominees 2011

12 Nominees vie for Best Journalist Award of 2011

And the Journalist Award Winners are...


Pet Food Recalls 2011

Quick-Find any pet food by name, instantly check previous brand recalls.


Attorney On Animal Control

3 out-of-control Animal Control cases.  Is there legal recourse?


Another Viewpoint by Mike MurrayRegistering Commercial Breeders

You guys can carry on all you want and accuse AKC of evil doings, but...


Former HSUS Member Reveals

why One World Order guru is on the HSUS Board.


With Best Friends, Who Needs Enemies?

Cultish Animal Rights linked to Animal Planet.


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Pt. 2

It goes from begging to $32 million in the first 5 years!


Susie’s Dogs

How rescue and animal control destroyed a hobby breeder.


Today Show Attacks Purebreds

Without science or genetic basis.


The Purity of Purebreds

Are Designer Dogs as pure as the AKC/UKC recognized breeds?


Little Bird

Twirpless (!) over Balls For Delegates and Naked Truth Calendar.


Dog Breeders Image

Breeders allow AR groups, even neighbors to project a negative public image.


Dangerous Dogs, 3 Part Series

Suggests being honest instead of defensive if you own a pit bull.


Pedigree Commercials

Standard Poodle in show ring at Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowDominating Westminster. Survey and your comments on "mutt" ads.


School of Westminster

He says it teaches young people how to break rules, cheat, and win!


Westminster 2016

While all sporting events evoke gossip, WKC proves Politics work.


Westminster Show Commercials

Diminishing purebreds and favoring mutts?


Westminster Rare Breed?

Reports of a strange dog seen in the coyote ring!


Dog Groomer Insight

Humorous but factual - it's the second most dangerous doggy profession!

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Purebred Dog Education

Dog Care is very different from farm animals; they live with us and more intimately involved in our lives than cattle, pigs or horses.


Call Poison Control

Your pet or person poisoned? Call poison control - we checked them out here's the best number for free, fast help for poisoning!



Pet Safe Christmas

Unsuspected risks = spray-on snow, tinsel, toxic foods and plants, wires, batteries, rubber bands PLUS poisoning symptoms, swallowed objects.


Winter dog grooming can be a challenge when ice cakes between toes and chemicals irritate foot padsWinter Dog Grooming

Here's help for salted sidewalks, de-icing chemicals, foot licking, and other winter woes.


Holiday Spirit

It can survive if we get back to family and fellowship, not glitz and glamour.


Holiday Gifts And Food

How dogs prevent allergies, chocolate for your heart and mood food!




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CA Bill Aids Puppy Mills

The Puppy Mill Bill requires pet stores to only sell rescue, puppy mill produce or imported dogs, your state next?


The In-Between Times

Most dog owners have Wills but there may be times when someone needs to take care of our dogs, their needs, and how they are fed and managed.....


PAWS Senator Is Back

A news item on Santorum of doggy disrepute made my ears perk up. He's aligned with Lindsey Graham on the 2017 Health Care Debate.


Police Shoot Dogs Update

Great respect is due America's police force but there's a disturbing trend of dogs being shot by police officers with no justification.


Pillory of Dog Clubs

How do clubs fail breeders? COMMENTS welcome! Is it fun matches, loss of control of the breed standard, judge's and breeder's education?


Send In The Clowns, Show's Over

If you show dogs, judge or breed dogs, you may agree that the dog sport has turned into a political circus and this well-known fancier is right but...


Pillory Of Veterinarians

Why do animal doctors deride breeders, the very people who produce the animals that once inspired them and currently support them?


HAARP Causing Animal Suicides?

And what about this crazy weather in 2017?


Mixed vs. Purebred Dogs

If our goal is attracting more fanciers look at the reasons for loss of interest...


AKC Heartache (headache)

Inspections response on Pug breeder who did his own C-sections, a gruesome Whippet case... 


The Trump Card

Have Animals Rights groups been put to sleep or are they biting at President Trump?


Fake Dog News

NBC told us everyone hated Donald Trump Trump is President and the TODAY show still reports fake news about purebred dogs!


Dog Show Wardrobes

Where dogs (and outfits) are shown! The Fashion Police may be judging you!


Guard Dog Vs. Alarms

How techy thieves get into your house without tripping alarms, and the horror your house dog faces!


June NewNips

Banking on your dog for blood money, super summer dog fun, and dog sports that are good for your heart and emotional health.


Of Dogs And War

takes you on dog show judging trips to Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, etc.


Pillory Of Dog Breeders

What the loss of breeder Board Members means to you as a breeder or dog show exhibitor.


Dog Groomer Reality Show

Is it is a fun job where we get to play with dogs all day, talk baby talk...?


Killing A Lobster

Col. Harper sees six-gun justice and breast feeding as more American than obscene protestors.


Stolen Dogs In Unattended Cars

Real cases of beloved pets and valuables gone in a split second!


Possum On My Porch!

I live way out with wildlife and respect that the critters were here first but...


DoRight Dog Owner

Adopting a shelter dog causes a bad case of Moral Superiority in a Guiltripz family.


Vet Bills Making You Yelp?

Held hostage by the high cost of veterinary care and medication?


How To Find and Be Found

Search Engine Savvy so you can learn "How to find that"


Agenda 21 & Animal Rights

It's about animal breeders, global government, and the dog in your lap!


Veterinary Medication

I have a friend who pushes drugs - for animals. Read this and wonder how the pharmaceutical companies get away with it!


Inside Edition on Crop & Dock

Breeder interview and in-depth coverage on the functional and health reasons.


PETA vs. Zarate Court Case

PETA's deviant practice of stealing family pets ruled by VA prosecutor as not theft...


Military dogs that serve us in war are being killed instead of being allowed to retire with the soldiers who want to bring them home.

No Service Dogs For Veterans

Lone Survivor breaks box office records but...



Monuments For Purebred Dogs

WWII soldiers saw the plight of purebred dogs in wartime and...


"Using Dogs" Are Purpose Bred

dogs that herd, protect, pull carts and sleds, hunt, trail, or guard livestock.


Animal Control Seizures

Understanding civil asset forfeiture law could protect against illegal confiscation.


Puppy Mill Defined

There's no one definition but here's a start.


Judges Judging Nature

Your COMMENTS on the future of purebred dogs.


Pro vs Amateur

Will AKC's new class help the non-professional?


Puppy Mills, Pet Shops, AKC

That's the way Harper sees the show system.


Columns Section - No Margins.

No Limits. No Kidding.

Meet The (Dog) Press


Gamecock Economics

Our founding fathers had respect for the courage of the gamecock... COMMENTS are welcome.


Veterinary Cause Of Death

Medical errors are the 3rd highest cause of human death, this was a real eye-opener.


Little Bird

HSUS discrimination, Depalma’s arrest, CHF’s $$ deal w/Pfizer, details on Salas debt.


O'Connor On AKC

A thoughtful look at today's AKC from a top breeder.


Akita Incident at AKC Show!

Police called re; incident involving a 9 year old child!


Puppy Mills Defined

Is it your neighbor?  Your co-owner?  Maybe it's you?  A legal definition.


The Blame Game

If you "rescue" and do this, YOU may need help!


Purebred Pet Holocaust

reveals eBay Classifieds against hobby breeders, its alliance with HSUS and...


Fulfilling Judging Contracts

Long-time dog show chair candidly covers hiring judges, contracts...


Rules Ignored

Grooming, foreign substances, it's not just AKC shows.


Dog Bite Statistics

PETA makes inflammatory statements and inflate statistics.


Tweets; Wild, WKC...

He flaps about the French Bulldog, Uno ownership, PHA Pres. Michael Scott...


USDA Inspection

An inside look from people who are USDA Licensed.


AKC, just HSUS & PETA in disguise?

Why else would it sit on $millions?


Pet Parties NOT Tea Parties

How to thwart anti-breeder legislation.


Mixed Breed Dogs, Life Or Death

WHY research labs use purebred dogs for testing instead of mixed breed dogs..


Strike The AKC

When a company ignores what made it successful the people that make it run STRIKE!


No Mixed Breeds In Agility

This Poodle club stands on purebreds as having more dependable physique.


Which Animals OK To Eat?

Only the dog will not forsake you in bad times and THAT defines the answer.


Preservation of Purebreds

When I first joined dog clubs it was for the preservation of my breed but...


Registration Papers

Like a car title, can signify quality and/or junk.


Judging Dogs In Islamabad

Purebred dogs and their continued value to people of all nationalities is a uniting force.


Dog Show Abuse and Neglect

When will AKC finally hear us? How can dogs shown badly out of condition still win?


Dog Gone Earthlings

Humorous-serious report on societal regression in humans vs. evolving dogs…


Breeder Credibility

What's in your name? And the AKC Name?  Where's your pride as a Breeder?


Gini Denninger Report - WriterPETA's Preposterous Solicitation

How do you react when you receive a PETA or HSUS solicitation?


Self-Defeating Breeders!

Finally solutions instead of the same old rehash.



Reveals a law that protects Hunte Corp. from reporters.


Withholding Points or Ribbons?

What?? Not advance mediocre show dogs to titles?


Crime and Punishment

A judge gets a lifetime sentence.  Was it cruel and unusual?


2-Day Show Petition Comments

Exhibitors know how to keep dog shows alive in this economy.


Zoonotic Disease & Your Pet

TV doctor warns of zoonosis between family and dogs


John McCartney ArrestedJohn McCartney, charged as child molester, arrested in Florida

recently retired AKC Field Rep child molester.


The Dark Side: McCartney

multiple counts of battery and molestation.


Mentoring, The Power Of Trust

Reiki Master on relationships.


Danielle Romeo - Writer

Shelter Superiority

Why people prefer shelter adoption.


DMV Says “HSUS SUX” Is Profane

Dog owner takes on the DMV over license plate and wins!


Lost and Found

Two years of unrelenting search led to rescue, arrest, prosecution, and justice.


AKC Peddling Privacy

They are selling the authenticity and value of purebred dogs, not by data mining!


Purebred Dogs Today

The NY Times slammed AKC so what's YOUR take on AKC's direction? Blog


Handler Ron Williams Convicted

Records, court documents, witness testimony and 5 conviction charges.


Medical Microchip

Will livestock GPS microchip tracking morph into people-tracking microchips?


Animal Rights Politicians

Well funded Animal Rights (AR) lobbyists introduced by career politicians.


Canine Underground Railroad

CUR is an acronym whose history is connected with ALF and more!


Meet Dr. Daniel W. Fleitas

Exclusive interview reveals a thinking man who genuinely loves dogs!


Shelter Slaughter!

Shooting top VA Rescue Group, Parsippany NJ and Dallas Animal Services.


HSUS & Federal “PUPS” Legislation

HSUS lies to congress & the public.


April Fool's Contracts

AKC accepts Fraudulent litter registrations.


Animal Rights Shelters

Anti-breeders groups from a groomer's viewpoint.


Dog Awards, Rescues Excel!

The Governor's Award recipients.


CA Anti-Pet Bill Pulled

With the help from cat people who worked from a different angle.

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