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Fortunate to have many of America's best dog writers, our Staff deadlocked in determining the top Canine Journalist of 2011.


The nominees list was growing longer so we decided to ask the best literary judges in the dog world – our readers!


Please Review These Top Journalist Nominees, Then Cast Your Vote


Illegal Animal Seizures Your Dog's Best Friend May Be His Attorney, by Diane Amble

AKC Branding Purebred Dogs Leaves readers headed for the shelter, by Nina Garcetti

Vaccinosis: 3 part series Symptoms and prevention, by Drs. Bloomer & Thomason

The Golden Rule The Tides Foundation/AR connection research, by Sue Beaulieu

Preferred Breed Type Why the stand-out dog can be a loser, by Katie Gammill

Heredity: Was Darwin Wrong Linebreeding and how genes evolve, by Geneva Coats

ASPCA's IRS Violations Tax Time eye-opener with HSUS investigation, by Frank Losey

Pet Food Recalls 2011  Ingredients/contaminants/company lists, by Nel Liquorman

Adoptathons  The bitter truth about mass adoptions, by Tam Cordingley

Backbone Gone?  Breeder anatomy from the 20’s to today, by Barbara Andrews

Death by Vaccinosis Photos and video illustrate, Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH

Purity Of Purebred Thoughtful analysis on what really defines purity, by David Arthur


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