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Fortunate to have many of America's best dog writers, we asked the best literary judges in the dog world (our readers) to select NetPlaces Network's top Canine Journalist and best Article of 2015.


Please Review Nominees and Cast Your Vote for best Journalist and best Article


David Arthur AKC or UKC Shows?
The American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club are the nation’s oldest and most prestigious purebred dog registries offering superb signature dog show events.


CinDee Byer - Saving America's Purebred Dogs

Breed Standards dictate performance and so does NASCAR! Meet the leaders in racing and learn how the slightest design change affects form and function!


Tam Cordingley - "Using Dogs" Are Purpose Bred

Using Dogs is an old fashioned term for dogs that actually have a use. They herd, protect, pull carts and sleds, hunt, trail, or guard livestock.


Katie Edwards - Measles Vaccine and DNA

Veterinary documented cases of measles vaccinated puppies passing illness and measles rash to their offspring! Vaccine pulled...


E. Katie Gammill Small Dog Safety

Small dogs require special safety protection as they cannot protect themselves even though toy breed dogs think they are giants and act accordingly.


Carole Henry - Herding For Health

After decades in the sport of dogs, one activity has stood out as beneficial to senior health, especially balance, which is crucial to prevent falling.


Sherry Shivley - Alternative Treatments

Vet visits can be costly, these do-it-yourself therapies and homeopathic remedies work for savvy dog breeders and can help your dog.


The nominees are based on "most reprints" and/or most viewed articles. However, if you recall a different article you found interesting and/or informative, please type in that article name below.


Voting closed February 9th

Your choice for Top Journalist is...



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