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AKC Board suspends Bolton's judging privileges but Trial Board finds NOT GUILTY so Judging Operations brings same charges, causing him extreme financial damage!


June 2006

Louis Fallon, AKC Historian


Dog show judges are the wheel that keep our wonderful sport of breeding and exhibiting pure-bred dogs rolling along.  Dog show judges like George Boulton are the people that dedicate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year, every year, to learning about dogs. 


Before they are judges, they attend educational seminars, visit leading dog breeders and get up at 4 a.m. to drive 300 miles to judge dogs at a match show in return for lunch and "experience".  However, the whim of an administrator clerk in the AKC judging operations department can and has terminated, suspended or revoked the judging career of dedicated, respected dog show judges.  

Best In Show dog show judge George Boulton received one such whim letter and has spent over $20,000.00 to defend himself and the rights of other dog show judges before the AKC South West Trial Board.  The Trial Board court full 7-page decision is available on TheDogPress.com website.


George Boulton's win and dismissal of all charges was a 5-point win for ALL dog show judges and ALL exhibitors.  However, in a gross demonstration of poor sportsmanship, the AKC judging operations department ignored their own AKC Trial Board written decision.  That's right, the Judging Operations folks brought the identical charges against George Boulton before the AKC board of directors.


What happened? The AKC board rubber stamped approval of its "staff recommendation" and revoked George Boulton's hard-won judging approval.

George Boulton is appealing that AKC board of director's lop-sided decision.  Following AKC rules and regulations, he hopes to receive the same fair even-handed justice that his dogs and your dogs receive in a dog show ring.

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