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February 2, 2013


Allen County Prosecutors Office

Attn: Mr. Don Wismer, Investigator

602 S. Calhoun

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


Case #0105238 re: Marsha Shively, Yardley Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Per our phone conversation of February 2, 2013, I am forwarding additional information regarding the theft in 2011 of a champion Toy Fox Terrier. I have previously provided you and hopefully also reviewed by the prosecutor- copies of all documents related to the theft and eventual recovery of the stolen dog.


At the time of the initial investigation (July 31, 2011) I was informed that if Marsha Shively sold the puppies (she denied that the stolen dog was alive and therefore never had puppies) this would result in the possibility of additional charges being brought to bear against her. I have located one of the “non-existent” puppies. Apparently Marsha Shively did what I expected-and I am now in the process of working through the issues with the kennel club-she registered the puppies using a different female as dam of the litter. The male pup was sold to a couple near Fort Worth, Texas. He has been shown by them quite successfully, I have their name, address and phone number. I also have a copy of the pup’s pedigree and it does show the mother of the litter as being different from Aphrodite. As noted on one of the documents I already submitted to you, the breeder of this different female informed me that “Thea” was incapable of having puppies.


The kennel clubs will resolve the issues that concern them. I am hoping this additional information will prompt some activity on the part of the Fort Wayne Warrant division and the prosecutor’s office to take action and bring the criminal aspects of this to a conclusion. Marsha has not disappeared from the face of the earth. I believe she remains on Yardley Ct in Fort Wayne, attends the Presbyterian Church in downtown Fort Wayne, and if not, I am sure her son Kurt Shively on Florence Avenue in Fort Wayne would definitely know her current whereabouts.


Greatest regards and thanks for your assistance,


Sally J. Sklar

21149 S. Brown Hill Rd

Centerville, Pennsylvania 16404


(814) 337-6918 home




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