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Before buying dog, ask for AKC papers

From: Miami Herald.com, Posted on Tue, Nov. 07, 2006


The American Kennel Club says it often hears from disappointed consumers who thought their newly purchased puppy could be registered with the AKC only to learn that the pup isn't eligible. Some owners claim they were intentionally misled by a puppy seller who implied the dog was AKC-registrable and later sent them ''papers'' from another registry -- or sent no papers at all.

Disreputable breeders and/or deceptive retailers take advantage of puppy buyers who don't bother with the critical step of researching into the breed prior to buying. Purebred dogs are expensive, and a large part of what you pay for is the dog's pedigree, which is proof of its heritage as a member of its breed. It gives the owner insight into the dog's eventual appearance, temperament and suitability to the owner's lifestyle.

According to the AKC, there are more than 20 different canine registries providing these papers, each with varying standards and registration criteria. AKC requirements, in particular those relating to proper breeding and care of an AKC-registrable dog, are too demanding for many breeders -- especially if they are only out to make a buck -- so they register the pups elsewhere. The AKC, a not-for-profit organization, says many of the alternative registries are for-profit businesses with no stringent inspections programs to monitor the care of the dogs, and they register dogs with little or no proof of heritage.

The AKC's website explains the difference between the ''registration'' of a purebred dog and its ''papers,'' as well as how to ensure you get what you pay for at: Puppy Buyer Fact Sheet.


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