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And still MORE on the AKC Corporation

by Scott McNeal


You wrote about AKC making the stud-book unavailable being arbitrary, it wasn't! Several private pedigree services were selling the info to commercial dealers selling pups to pet stores at a discount, making lots of money doing it. Pet stores recognize that "papers" are papers and AKC has lost much of its previous appeal. The public just wants a piece of paper to go with their pup and doesn't know what "AKC" means! That cut into the little bit of sales income which didn't cover AKC costs in the first place, and its been that way since first described in 1946 CPA account of AKC business practices. (Since then several private ped services joined to sue AKC, talked with major east coast law firm and was told there was nothing they could do about it, no restraint of trade because it was AKC info to begin with. AKC constitution says "maintain and publish..." not make available to anyone! 2003-4.)

Second reason not usually acknowledged is the selling of false info thru the mail. Stud books are notoriously inaccurate (admitted 50-90%), full of identifiable 'false info' being sold thru the mail when AKC knew or should have known the info was wrong. (see *AKC Ethics* link below)

Keep in mind AKC has NO individual members and the by-laws give the Board power and authority to all things dog etc. within the Club. There are no "rights" issues because "rights" per se are things governed by the Constitution-government etc and AKC is not a State agency. It's administered by the Board and its rules. Courts do not generally interfere with the operation of private corps, unless a crime is committed, but individuals successfully suing AKC have done so because of male employees discriminatory behavior and statements against women, Not for its established business practices, withholding registrations, or their 'no warrant' inspections etc.

AKC is not now, nor has it ever been "yours" show-breeder, puppy mill or anyone else, except perhaps in your own mind. Exhibitors are the unpaid advertisers for its "registry fees sales income." Shows are entertainment and that promotes the breeding and sales of registrable dogs and AKC's cut is guaranteed, registration fees they call the "cash cow..." (by Corporate Management Committee white paper to Board 10-31-95 re: Use of DNA. . . ) There has never been a financial audit of AKC (by letter from David Merriam, never that he's aware of) while it's GAAP report submitted in annual report is merely a rubber stamping of what the sign-off accounting firm is allowed to see.

AKC Board member Gladstone previously documented evidence and personal opinion as attorney the AKC was "committing intentional consumer mail-fraud" in federal court submission which caused AKC to allow him to become a delegate after they refused to submit subpoenaed info that could prove its prohibited business practices, crime.

Ask "them" your own questions to see how you have been mislead... it ain't 'bout dogs!!!

Respectfully, Scot McNeal

*AKC Ethics*

Read short blurb in Miami Herald re: Buying dog/puppy with AKC papers and why.

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