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Poodle Tragedy in Carolina


The Janie Conyers story made National News, get donation, rescue and adoption details...


January 15, 2008 | TheDogPress.com

Vickie Haywood, Dog Sports Editor


It began in October 2007 when over 100 purebred poodles and 9 birds were seized from the home of Janie Conyers and made national headlines{1}.  Conyers ran a boarding and breeding business in Raleigh. Conyers, who is 77 years old, drifted into what is called “Hoarding.” Hoarders compulsively collect animals out of love turned wrong, which becomes animal abuse.


Animal Legal Defense Fund{2}, working with Wake County officials, reached a “swift settlement” to protect the “severely neglected Toy Poodles” covered in their own waste, suffering from serious medical conditions such as broken jaws, “extremely painful dental disease” and eye and ear problems caused by pure neglect.


They received emergency veterinary care but need follow up care or expensive dental work to enable them to eat properly. Some dogs have been returned to their owners and a few have been released to foster care, but over 30 formerly pampered pets and show dogs desperately need financial help and permanent homes! These are not un-socialized puppy mill or shelter dogs; they are sweet, loving victims of a sad situation and they need a kind person to love again.


Terms of settlement keep the elderly woman from going to jail but more importantly, prevent her from ever working with or owning animals again. Expenses are being shared by Carolina Poodle Rescue in Pacolet SC and dedicated people like Vicki Haywood, a professional groomer, who has taken 32 dogs into her home, donating her services around the clock to clean, clip, unsnarl and bathe the little dogs.


The dogs and the people desperately need help! This edition of National Pet Press newspaper is "all about heart." Please, no matter what breed (or species) you own, take a minute to make a donation. Unlike some general donations or those charitable organizations with big marketing budgets, every dollar you send goes directly to the food, care and re-homing of these poor little dogs.


They all need spaying and neutering prior to adoption and some need serious dental work. It has been estimated that the cost per dog will be a minimum of $150. Email Vickie re adoption, send your check to either of the poodle groups below.


The National Pet Press staff donated, please find it in your heart to help the people who help the dogs.


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