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Reader reveals eBay Classifieds prejudice against hobby breeders, its alliance with HSUS, and makes a startling observation about advertising purebred dogs.


July 2014 | TheDogPress.com

Nina Garcetti (email withheld)


Dear Editor:


I have advertised my puppies (when I have had them) on eBay Classified (formally Kijiji) for years. I have a nice little stud fee puppy that I am looking for a good home for locally, so I tried listing him there.


When I searched for it (Kijiji) I couldn't find it but it looks like it is now ebay. So I attempted to list my stud fee puppy. I did so but then it was kicked off. I really didn’t want to list in the local paper so I persisted in trying to solve the mystery about why my listing was removed.


After looking around some more, I found a reference to eBay classifieds "Pet Policies". I really didn't like what I found! I've cut & pasted the link below.



You really should read it and tell your users that it seems HSUS now is keeping a database of unapproved breeders. eBay’s policies starts by referring to federal, state, and local laws “standardized for living conditions” (is that APHIS that you write about?) and “animal interest groups” and making “unethical profiteers accountable”. Right out of the HSUS playbook. And obtaining the newly required USDA Pet Shop license gets you automatic "puppy mill status" with them.


Apparently eBay Classifieds now cross checks with the HSUS database for every ad placed for pets. Although I don't appear on their list, and I am not the breeder of the puppy, I needed to check the "breeder box" to be authorized to sell my puppy. Since I checked "owner" they rejected it!


How the HSUS has managed to convince eBay and the pet buying public that they are the only clearing house for "responsible breeders" is unfathomable. This is beyond disturbing. It's outrageous!


If you can see any way the American pet buying public will be able to buy a purebred dog in two years, please let me know.


This is The Purebred Pet Holocaust. Be very afraid!

- Nina Garcetti


It is getting harder to reach the pet buying public because breeders can't compete with shelters and HSUSIt looks like Nina could be right about the end of privately produced pets. The fact is that animal rights people are coming at us from every direction. Hobby breeders fear advertising in newspaper classifieds, nor do they want to be seen on the “puppies for sale” websites. They are afraid the local animal control will see their advertisement and come after them.


Several show breeders told us they tried advertising their pet puppies in show magazines but quickly discovered they have a very limited readership which does not include people looking for a family pet.


We recommend TheDogPlace.org which is visited by over a million people a year, most of whom are families looking for a pet. Show breeders looking for outcross genes or a new breed also go there but they should do more in reaching out to responsible breeders who can represent their breeds in the All-Breeds Gallery and who will respond to pet people.


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HSUS Political Power Revealed

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