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Little Bird’s got a beak full of HSUS discrimination, Depalma’s arrest, CHF’s $$ deal with Pfizer, Grand Champions slammed, and details on Salas $400,000 debt.


When Little Bird dropped this off he said everybody is making mistakes, then took off while we were all wondering what he meant  But when Dennis was setting the story, we got it.  From the Humane Society to the Health Foundation to a people calling themselves professional handlers, a lot has or is about to go wrong for those he covered.


10|12|10 This first piece of news is like finding a worm in my berry. It didn't surprise me that much and I wasn't turned off by the double treat. I mean after all, this guy Salas is what you people call a first rate pain in the side, or somewhere. I remember him from the Handler Scandals report I did.


Handler Eric Salas lost the suit filed by Chris Christensen Systems Inc. The Texas Court found Salas guilty of violations of the non-compete agreement and granted Plaintiff Chris Christensen Systems Inc. $400,000.00 in damages and reaffirmed the injunction against Eric Salas for a minimum of 5 years. TheDogPress covered other problems surrounding Salas and coincidentally, another well known handler who is back in the news.


Like I said, this is bonus in my berry because I heard the boss hen talking about Andrew Green and Robin said that was what you call a "weird coincidence" since he was the one involved before. Do you guys plan this???


Grand Champion Title had everyone excited and people getting dogs back in fine feather so they could fly around the ring and have fun again. But at the show I just flew in from there was a bunch of people in a real uproar about it. One guy said it is just another gimmick by AKC. A pretty lady drinking something with an cherry in it looked up at him and said "It is all about the money. Again... AKC is looking at $$$ instead of the credibility of our sport and hard work as breeders.  Sure it helps clubs but that extra fee goes to AKC."


The guy with the glasses who wasn't drinking anything leaned back in his chair. "Sure, and the Grand title can bring out prematurely retired champions and I thought it was great. Then I found out that Judges were told that they had to award the title. What the hell is that about?"


Well I squawked that back to the office and here's what BJ said. "Having shown cats in both CFA and TICA, I thought AKC had borrowed a great idea. A Grand Championship or Supreme Grand Champion title is the ultimate achievement and cat judges would never award a cat just for showing up!!! When multi-group Judge Lynette Saltzman strenuously objected, AKC relented but many judges still feel the pressure."


So okay dog people, I don't get it. Having been given a juicy cricket, are you going to let it hop away? What are you going to do to keep the title from being shrunk to a speck in the dirt by judges with no back feathers? I don't do the email thing but Dennis said just click Grand Champion and share your thoughts with subscribers and the AKC. He said if you keep it short and quotable they will include it in a follow-up report to be sent to AKC. BJ nodded and said she thought your collective opinions still matter to AKC but only if the Board is aware of it and something about them being hard of hearing.


It’s not even Halloween but you guys are already scared. The AKC Canine Health Foundation has struck a deal with the gargantuan pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. I heard the reported income to CHF is a quarter million a year for the next couple of years. Is it only me or does anyone else wonder whether or not this will compromise the good works of the Canine Health Foundation?  To many health professionals, it’s a lot like the fox guarding the hen house. CHF doesn't do anything for birds, that's for sure but I hear enough to know how prescription drugs help or harm quality of life in animals as well as humans. I have friends in both species so I'll be listening for more on that subject.


I sat on Stacey Kubyn's wires for a while. She's an attorney you know. Interesting what they talk about. But she also has big hairy dogs that speak Russian. (http://www.esquirecaucasians.com) She said Jeannine Depalma was arrested for filing a false police report (http://www.wkbw.com/news/local/Woman-Arrested-for-Claiming-Dog-Stopped-Crime-98855624.html) alleging that her Caucasian dog prevented her from being robbed or car-jacked or something like that. A lot of static on the line. But then it cleared enough I could hear Mrs. Kubyn say that falsely reporting an incident is a "Class A Misdemeanor" which I think means the law can put people in a cage just like my canary friend. From what I could hear, this happened on Deplama’s way back from the UKC Premier show. I hate missing that. They say it is a lot of fun for dogs and people and I plan to fly up to Michigan next time. Lost my trickle of thought there. Where was I? I remember, one of the ladies said "Depalma cut a deal with prosecutors and pled GUILTY to the lesser offense of disorderly conduct."


A bird doesn't lie to get attention. We just preen and prance around, Except for parrots. They get attention by talking to people, saying silly things. I talk to people too but I am a pretty serious guy.


One last tidbit that I think is important to you guys. Norma Worley, director of Maine's Animal Welfare Department, reported that the HSUS proposed a rules change to Maine's Low Income Spay-Neuter Program which would stipulate that no dog or cat purchased from a breeder would ever be eligible for the program.


Okay, I get the idea. It sounds like the Human Society is sneaking in the bad door but I heard someone else say that they could be in court for discrimination against poor people. If I had ears, that would have got them up. I don't know him but they said Jay Kitchener is "on it" whatever that means. He is Secretary for the Federation of Maine Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners and sent notification that the Federation disagrees. He got a petition signed and public hearings are going on. I hope they bring out the discrimination. Don't misunderstand, people don't do the surgery thing on us birds, actually, they poison us with pesticides but that's another story. Personally I am against all that neutering stuff but I might fly down for one of those public hearings and get back to you. I think you people need to watch this one carefully. Me? I'm off to somewhere warm and dry!




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