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December 2006 | TheDogPress.com




T'was The Night Before Christmas

by Ms. Jade, Legislative Reporter


T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.

The leashes were hung by the front door with care;

So the house dogs could get a little fresh air.


Our yard dogs were nestled all snug in their hay.

Wishing that Tammy would just go away…

My mate on the sofa, and I on the john,

Were grateful that all the house guests had gone.


When out on the yard there arose such a racket,

I sprang from my throne, grabbed the gun and a jacket.

Away to the front porch I flew like a flash,

Tripped over some work boots and fell with a crash.


I righted myself in the new-fallen snow,

Unlocked the safety, my gun still in tow,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But the H$U$, spreading hatred and fear!


I thought to myself these guys must be blind,

Not to have seen our NO TRESPASSING sign.

More rapid than eagles the cruisers they came,

And then news cameras rolling, the cops knew my name.


"Unlock your gate” barked the tax exempt elves,

"someone complained - so we’ll see for ourselves”!

Now I have the right to face my accuser,

And since nobody here is an animal abuser…


I took a deep breath and I mustered some class,

“If you don’t have a warrant, you can kiss my white ass!”

They claimed unlicensed kennels were probable cause,

but I won’t let you in if you’re not Santa Clause.


Land use codes don’t give you the right,

And I won’t be misled - so you’re in for a fight!

Intruders can be shot and survivors prosecuted.

And government agents are not somehow exempted.


You need to leave now, or you’ll all be on trial,

I keep the law in a file and my friends on speed dial.

So I smiled for the camera and winked at the press

”Let me explain why they’re funding this mess…”


Then I took a deep breath, while the camera man gawked

And I began the preamble. (Thanks, Schoolhouse Rock!)

As I recited my rights, it grew quiet as a church,

Equal treatment, due process, no warrantless search.


The Chief told the activists “I’m afraid it’s all true,

It sure looks like this tax payer’s smarter than you.

Go open a refuge and quit wasting our time,

Harassing dog breeders when we've got violent crime?"


With a look as cold as the snow on my roof,

The Field Director snorted and stamped a big hoof.

”We can change any law with the funds we’ve amassed,

So I can assure you, you’ve not heard the last!”


Stay tuned for more drama said the News - channel 7

A lesson in civics - film at 11...

United we stand and divided we fall.

The true price of freedom can’t be charged at the mall.

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Don a coat made of wool and some boots made of leather,

Before vegan fascists deny us the pleasure.

Feast on meat and have no shame

With factory farmed eggnog… drink to Ingrid and Wayne.


I just want to add before I call it a night,

Happy Christmas to all of those in the fight!

Ms. Jade





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