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A true, classic example of what is destroying the sport of purebred dogs-veterinary costs choking out hobby breeders whereas puppy mills have them on staff!


January 20, 2020 | TheDogPress.com

Fran Milteer, VIP Miniature Bull Terriers, Guest Columnist


I have been raising and showing dogs since 1963 and did very well in the show ring with my Pomeranians. In 1998 I fell in love with Mini Bull Terriers, a new non-AKC that a friend was importing from England.



I was fortunate to acquire top show and breeding stock from her. I helped her organize and found the Miniature Bull Terrier Club Of America.


I have never been hit with this kind of veterinary bills and on Social Security this is devastating but when you consider the alternative I had no choice.


On December 14 Daisy had surgery for an intestinal blockage and it cost me $3181.05 to save her life.


On December 30 Daisy's mother Panda had a blockage. I took her to the veterinarian in Indio. She stayed there for two days. They said she had Gastric Enteritis. That cost me $1612.88.


Then on New Year’s Day I had to take her back because she was obviously in distress. This time the clinic required a deposit of $5,124.51. Panda finally had the surgery for an intestinal blockage which had not be diagnosed during the two days she was in that hospital. She stayed at the clinic until January 3rd. This time I got a refund of $762.10.


My cards are maxed out, my credit is probably ruined and I need help. A friend said to start a go-fund-me page. If one of my other dogs gets sick what do I do???


Do I have any recourse through the veterinary office that didn’t diagnose her correctly? If she had been properly treated she would not have progressed into a blockage.

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