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Before voting OR giving a booster shot, read these frightening facts on pharmaceutical company control of legislators whose job is to protect consumers.


June 27, 2018 | TheDogPress.com

by Watchdog Readers & Legislative Staff


Legislative candidates are busy seeking your vote but remember, it is their actions that control your health through medical legislation. Hadn't thought about that? Well read this and do a little research on your state candidates.


June 29, 2018: the California medical board dished out 35 months of probation to Dr. Bob Sears in Orange County. His offense? “Being sympathetic to patients opposed to vaccines.” In just the last year, the California medical board “took away 57 licenses, while putting 197 doctors on probation.


Background: In 2015 California passed SB277, a law which “prevents parents from citing religious or other personal beliefs to get out of vaccinating their children.” Other states have similar medical legislation which seriously risks children to vaccine damage while contradicting the religious freedom for which the United States of America is admired world-wide.


Governments are based on control and taxation of the people as far back as the Roman Empire. Here are two current examples of government interference into our lives, not to protect our health but for the sole purpose of profiting and supporting legislative activity:

1.) legislating against making one’s own whiskey so that the government can collect tax on mass-produced liquor.

2.) legalizing marijuana so that growers and marijuana sales can be taxed.


Marijuana or alcohol use is voluntary - vaccines are compulsory.

This compelling fact about vaccine medication marketing{1} will make you sick! No other business is so blatantly profited by State and Federal LAWS that force you to use a product or service. Think about that. Over 300 million customers are forced by law to (repeatedly) purchase vaccines. Additionally, most veterinarians and medical doctors are happily complicit as “drug dealers” legally dispensing the staggering array of behavior-modification drugs available today.


Which is worse, mandated vaccines or legally dispensed “feel good” drugs?

In 1986 vaccine makers literally wrote their own legislative profit model “…the biggest economic boon to vaccine makers has been the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA).” Flexing their mighty muscle, Big Pharma “passed NCVIA giving pharmaceutical companies what amounts to blanket immunity from liability for any injury caused by vaccines. No matter how toxic the ingredients, how negligent the manufacturer or how grievous the harm, vaccine-injured children cannot sue a vaccine company.


Think about that when you take your child or your pet in for legally mandated booster shots! The law protects the vaccine makers, not you. That is like allowing car manufacturers to knowingly make cars with faulty brakes and granting them liability immunity. According to the World Mercury Project{2} who provided much of this information, “since the law’s passage, industry revenues have sky-rocketed from $1 billion to $44 billion.


Your family’s health (and your pet) is at risk to largely unnecessary vaccines. The sad truth is that your trusted family doctor or veterinarian is compelled to be complicit under the law.


Think about that as you watch the 2018 mid-term political commercials.  Is any candidate campaigning on behalf of your Right To Health?


If you have concerns about vaccine safety, your questions are candidly and accurately answered in the world’s first website, launched to inform dog owners on Human and Veterinary Vaccine Information.


Instant Information on ii Vaccine Facts & History, Chronological coverage of vaccines from 1981's lab-created Parvo

to exposing today's health risks of over-vaccination; VID and Vaccinosis


Reference Articles and Information: {1} Vaccine Medication Marketing     {2} World Mercury Project

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