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Addamo asks in Part two, AKC Field Rep duties, AKC does the stud book, Parent Club purpose, etc.



June 2006 | TheDogPress.com

Gini Addamo, Dog Show Reporter


MThis column is a continuation of my last article regarding who makes a dog show work. I start here with Field Representatives (FRs) and what their job description is and ask if they are doing their job. In addition, they now have the power to take breeds away from judges that receive three unsatisfactory evaluations from more than one FR. What follows is the job description for the AKC Field Rep. that I obtained from the AKC.


The Conformation Field Representative serves as the “eyes and ears” of the office staff and Board of Directors by providing factual, first-hand information regarding conduct of dog shows, rule and policy compliance by dog clubs, and observations of judges' abilities."


"The Rep provides show committees, exhibitors, breeders, judges, and novices with information regarding rules, regulations, policies and procedures; and assists in judges’ education and the judges’ approval process."

"As you might expect, the position requires extensive knowledge of AKC rules and programs, typically acquired through extensive experience (as a dog show judge, exhibitor, and/or handler) with all-breed and specialty clubs, including service as show chairperson."


"Customer service skills are crucial as is the ability to travel extensively."


"Basically the FR is a resource and conduit to the whole sport: from top to bottom and from bottom to top. The FR disseminates information and policies and assists in implementing on an as needed basis."


"An important part of the FR responsibilities is observing judges. Judges are critiqued and mentored with respect to proper and timely procedure and with respect to how well their selections conform to the standard for breeds evaluated.  FR observations and evaluations would include all aspects of breed specific characteristics and unique grooming requirements.


This is a cushy job and very coveted because it comes with many perks. As noted above, part of the job of the FR is to observe judges’ abilities. Why isn’t the judge that puts up an OES, for example, that has its coat teased, written up by the FR? The breed standard for the OES states that, “Neither the natural outline nor the natural texture of the coat may be changed by any artificial means except that the feet and rear may be trimmed for cleanliness.” Is teasing natural? Or how about the Golden Retriever standard that states, “Untrimmed natural rough;…” Further it states, “Feet may be trimmed and stray hairs neatened, but the natural appearance of coat or outline should not be altered by cutting or clipping.” Do you think if the FRs started writing judges up for putting up dogs that are over groomed that the judges would get the idea and then ultimately the exhibitor? It’s just a thought.


After the FR., we have the AKC, created to be the breed registry. The responsibility of the AKC was to protect and maintain the studbook. I say “was” because based on the documented and rampant studbook fraud that the AKC has allowed to stand, there is no integrity. The AKC has made itself useless. Why do we continue to feed the monster? The AKC has the audacity to create a “Code of Sportsmanship” and suggest that exhibitors and breeders abide by it while they sit back and collect our money and still allow stud book fraud to stand even in the face of scientific evidence. Seriously, who needs the AKC? They have not done their job; they have let ALL of us down.


Last, the most hurtful and the hardest to understand is the parent club who abandons its sole purpose of protecting its breed against people who bring harm to it. For example, The Samoyed Club of America received charges against a member in August of 2005. The charges were breeding a dysplastic bitch (clearly a violation of the Code of Ethics), filing a false litter registration, defrauding the public and lying to an AKC Rep. The Constitution states that the Board is to “first” consider the charges and if proven, would the charges be considered prejudicial to the breed or the club. If the answer was yes they were to set a date for a hearing to hear the evidence.


The Samoyed Club of America refused to simply consider the charges for seven months (March 2006). I do not think it was coincidence that the club member who faced charges allowed her membership to lapse therefore giving the Board the excuse not to consider the charges due to lack of jurisdiction. How convenient for the snake that was allowed to slither away.


There are parent clubs who are deliberately undermining their own breed standards (another violation of club constitutions) at breed seminars by deliberately teaching what is contrary to the breed standard. I heard that one board member from a club stated, that since no one had never bred it, it does not exist. In this case the “it” is proper shoulder angulation. If parent clubs are not willing to protect our breeds, is there any hope?


What happened to loving our dogs, but more importantly honoring and respecting the history and traditions of our breeds? If the AKC and the Parent Clubs are not protecting our breeds, who is?


Perhaps we should eliminate the AKC all together. Who needs them? They should be fired for derelict of duty anyway. The theory that wanting to eliminate the AKC means that you must not believe in the sport of dogs could not be further from the truth. To the contrary, believing in purebred dogs is precisely the reason to eliminate the AKC.  (The AKC doesn’t have to be the only game in town and nor is it.) The AKC’s behavior explicitly demonstrates their lack of belief in the sport of purebred dogs. Actions speak louder than words. The breeders that truly care about their breeds did not corrupt the studbook or worse allow the fraud to stand when faced with irrefutable evidence!


Since we really don’t know if pedigree fraud has affected us directly, who needs pedigrees? Why don’t we just breed “show dogs” (forget the concept of exhibiting breeding stock) and with no holds barred as far as what you can do to the “show dog.” Superintendents could be hired to do the paperwork and the clubs will still get their money to hold more shows.  Second thought, maybe there could be a “breeding stock” class for the serious breeder.  Who should maintain that registry? This could be a huge opportunity for another registry. It’s just a thought…


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