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Dog show exhibitor weighs motel rates and convenience against motor home cost and upkeep. COMMENTS welcome.


February 2018 | TheDogPress.com

Sherry L. Shivley, Journalist Award Winner


My friend called a Cobblestone Inn to reserve a room for an upcoming dog show. Regular rate for 3 people, double beds, but there was a $50 per night, per dog fee.


She explained we were there for the dog show, showed them my suitcase travel tag (photo) and they dropped the dog fee to a flat $50 for the whole time we were staying, plus $89 a night for us! Not only that, we got the ground floor next to a door. Perfect!


Not all our stays have been as wonderful. Think 3rd floor, no elevator. Or there’s an elevator but it seems like a 20 mile walk from the room. You hope your dog doesn’t have an emergency on the way or in the middle in the night.


We all remember those memorable low-cost accommodations. No AC and its summertime. Or something is alive in the shower. Wind howls under your door. The people next door party all night, and you have an 8 A.M ring call. Idiots walk by your door every hour laughing and yelling and setting off your dogs.


Personally, I try to stay at La Quinta. Most of them are up to date, clean, don’t charge for your dogs, have poop stations in case you forget your bags. If there’s a dog show nearby they are often filled with other dog folks. The problem with La Quinta is that they are not really nationwide but if you bring them up on the internet, you’ll find them from New Mexico to North Carolina to New York.


Recently I have been checking out RV’s. It would serve as a dog hauler and also a place to stay when we visit the Grandkids.


Unless you get one that was built in the 70’s they are pretty pricey. On one hand, you don’t have to worry about bringing home bugs, rude people in halls, or overpriced rooms. On the other, there is the price of the vehicle. Depending on a Class C or B, how many miles it has on it and the condition, a motor home can run from $5000 to $500,000 or more. Then figure in insurance, fuel (diesel is higher than gas for some odd reason) stocking it, upkeep, winterizing a motor home, then getting it ready for use in the spring, heavy duty tires, batteries, generator, and new or used RV, there’s remodeling for crates.


Most hotels I have looked at in Colorado that are midrange, which means I consider them clean and safe to stay in, run about $200 a night. If they also charge “per dog per night” and some facilities charge a nonrefundable damage deposit. If you show away from home more than once a month, that motor home is looking a lot better.


Of course you will still have neighbors beside you but dog show people try to get along. After all, you are all there for the same thing. You may have a dog bark at night, but mine bark at home. If someone is messing around near my Mobile Casa, I want to know about it.


I would like to hear from all you dog show warriors, Pros and Cons for both motel and motor home. Help us decide if we should buy our own place to sleep, or stay away from the extra work.


Dog Bless!

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