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Showing dogs is the 2nd oldest American Sport so when dog show exhibitors 'took a knee' when they played the National Anthem, here's what happened...


October 2017

Joseph Byer, Jr., Rights Research Editor


On what promised to be a hot day in October, dog show the exhibitors set about their last minute prep for exhibiting their pooches.


For some it was their first show, for many it was same ‘ole same, ‘ole routine but a pleasurable pursuit in hopes of earning a first place ribbon. Professional and owner handlers alike were practicing stacking and gaiting in a nervous frenzy under the tents and all over the show grounds.


Those not practicing were walking their dogs around in hopes of eliminating last night’s meal; some just seeing if the “kids” needed to pee. Excitement was thick in the air, almost as thick as the fine doggy hairs wafting around the grooming areas. Hairdryers were a’ buzzin’ and coat sprays were hissing as groomers scurried to complete their work on a string of dogs in time to show.


Vendors were busy rolling up the canvas sides to their booths and setting out large items in front, straightening the display shelves and enjoying a morning beverage. The food vendors saying “Coffee will be ready in a few minutes” while anxious customers stood about.


The show committee members were zipping around in their golf carts as they attended to their various duties. Some were ferrying judges to their rings, others directing RV’s and other vehicles to the appropriate parking areas. Around the show rings the ring stewards organized and set out exhibitor armbands, gum bands to attach them, pencils, pens and a catalogue open to the first breed scheduled to show in that ring.


The collective din of chatter grew as the minutes to showing approached, and then, with the buzz of a PA system signaling an announcement, the din grew faint. The welcome announcement came on loud and scratchy followed immediately by the National Anthem.


All, or almost all, dropped whatever they were doing to turn in the direction they thought was the flag or the PA speaker. They moved their hand across their heart for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner. It was respect being offered to the freedoms they enjoyed here in America.


But a few individuals determined to make a statement of they didn’t know what, apparently decided to copy the rogue six-figure earning football players and take a knee in protest – AND MANY OF THEM KNELT DIRECTLY IN A PILE OF WHAT BECAME DOGGY FECAL REVENGE.


Well, at least that is how it happened in my dream last night.


Our First Amendment rights, in my opinion, are not to be used to slap everyone in the face, but to be applied in a proper venue and with respect to those of differing views.

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