Deanna Reinwald is one of the owners (and general manager) of a manufacturers' rep business.  She majored in English in college and has always been willing to speak up for what is right and not afraid to battle when it is not.  When the parks system refused to put a "Keep dogs out" sign in the playground where her toddler son was continually stepping and falling in dog poop, Deanna earned her affectionate title as "a mom with a cause." 

After repeated requests citing the other county parks with such signs, she collected dog poop from the playground, put it in a shoebox and mailed it to them along with a note that said she would continue to collect it once a week until they placed the sign!  Took a couple of days, but the sign was put up. 

She had a very successful tenure as band booster president for 8 years but when their bus garage bathroom was polluting the pond of the outdoor classroom...and kept denying it, Deanna poured a gallon of dye down the garage toilet, flushed it and then went to the pond--lo! and behold!  dye in the pond.  They repaired the septic system, the pond is thriving, and the school learned a lesson! 

She doesn't breed but owns two rescue dogs and one puppy mill Schnauzer with a plethora of health problems. Her daughters each have a rescue dog as well--a boxer who has had two rounds of cancerous tumors and an epileptic Australian Cattle Dog.  A woman of tremendous dedication, Deanna works 60 hours a week, does dog transport on the weekends and works closely with her girls to pull as many dogs as possible from the kill shelter and get them placed. 

She recognizes the bigger picture--for every dog they place in a rescue, there are 20 more that need help.  Deanna says "we can only be a bandaid for the problem, we have to get to the source to actually make a difference.  Hence, my research on puppy mills which led me to The Hunte Corporation and the fight to get the necessary legislation in place to protect the animals and hold the millers responsible." 

We are honored to welcome Deanna Reinwald as a top-notch professional writer and field reporter.

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