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The net's FIRST canine nutrition information, dated recalls, label lingo to determine real dog FOOD ingredients instead of fillers or puppy foods that impede proper growth.

Dog Heart Diet

Fatty food causes heart disease but your dog hates peas so here's the FREE dietary solution - and WHY it is hard to find it online!


Holistic Dog Food Labels

Bizarre ingredients can make your pet sick!


Recalled & Unfit Dog Food

Dog food recalls, dangerous waste products, MSG and so much more...


Safe Dog Treats

Natural, healthy treats your dog prefers, no cost, no fuss?  Look in your refrigerator!


Follow Pet Food Money

THE BEST DOG FOOD IS IN YOUR REFRIDGERATORRecalled dog food "dumped” after lawsuits.


What To Feed?

Col. Harper opened the door on dog food.


Discount Dog Food Terror

DOJ indictments and terrorism connection.


Problem With Probiotics

The oldest ‘new’ discovery, do they belong in dog food or veterinary treatments?



Cause itching, vomiting, and chronic diarrhea.


Prebiotics and Probiotics

Do we believe nature or ad agencies?


Probiotics: Dog Food or Drugs?

What are the prebiotics that FEED them?


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Make Food Great Again

Will new USDA, FDA, and EPA leaders be shocked about the toxic cover-up in the food chain?


Dog Food Ingredients & BARF

What are the Ingredients in that bag or can? Is it real food?


First Aid For Bloat

Prevent agonizing death but years ago with over-the-counter product that deflates the gas which leads to deadly torsion.



Pet Food Lawsuit

Dogs Eating Dogs and euthanasia drugs.


More Pet Food Lawsuits

Bitter truth about most prepared dog foods.


Toxicity Symptoms

Thyroid, liver or kidney problems? Your vet needs this heavy metals report!


Pet Food Cruelties

04/17 FDA forbid feeding growth hormones to chickens but forced-molting starvation a greater health risk to your family...


Pet Foods Conspiracy

A plot to topple American pet food industry?



Hides ingredients unsuited for carnivores and fails to comply with COOL (Country Of Origin Law).


Labeling To Protect Us

FDA shouldn't exist to protect food makers.


GMO Labeling

Consumers want federal labeling laws.


Berserk Behavior?

Excitotoxins affect Central Nervous System.


Pet Food Industry in Peril

How recalled dog food gets in human foods.


ASPCA’s Poison Control

denies food-related problems in $$$ cover-up.

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