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Melamine from China, Botulism, now Salmonella in dog food and people food, What's Next  Peanut mix salmonella poisoning may be in your dog's food!


February 2009 | TheDogPress.com

Nel Liquorman, Health Editor


Nel LiquormanSalmonella produced by the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) continues to kill as the recall list grows and now this poison risk has surfaced in the pet food industry. Melamine and other ingredient contaminates still threaten human food yet media coverage is sparse and a sore spot for consumers.


Death of a ninth victim from PCA’s ii Salmonella was barely mentioned. Are corporations being protected by the media?


MADE IN CHINA - DOGS, PEOPLE AT RISKProduction of human food and pet food overlap with many of the ingredients coming from the same sources. PetSmart’s recall of seven of its Great Choice Dog Biscuit products is due to risks from peanut paste produced at PCA.


First, the melamine-tainted dog food.  The FDA was aware of melamine in baby formula from China by September 2008, yet we imported holiday treats containing melamine. Tainted cookies from Vietnam were blamed on melamine from Australia. Is that where China launders melamine? Is it simply re-labeled?


The shortage of news coverage on melamine leaves us wondering if the billions of dollars in trade, along with China’s influence on the Stock Market, is what determines which news gets covered and what is suppressed? Could fears that China no longer wants to take America’s debt, as some people have suggested, have an influence? Since the economic collapse, they are not buying 30-year U.S. Treasury Bonds.  Do corporate advertising dollars play a part as well?


Also in September 2008, there were pet food recalls due to a strain of salmonella known as Salmonella enterica serotype Schwarzengrund. According to the CDC, only people who handled the pet food were affected and there was no reported pet illness from the contamination. So, basically, this one flew under the radar. But now four months later, several hundred people have been sickened by Salmonella and through the last week of January 2009, seven have died and that number will climb!


As required by the new farm law, country of origin labels have begun showing up on meat. Remember that meat is a large part of dog or cat diets. Beef labels stating product of USA, Canada, and Mexico are confusing, yet they are more revealing than the meat processing industry realizes.


That said, don’t miss my next article inspired by the new so called COOL meat labels.

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