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Frank Losey is no quitter. Even when dog breeders and AKC falter, he fights on against misuse of the Law which APHIS ignores and HSUS defiles.


Frank Losey throws a wide loop at USDA & APHIS, reining in the HSUS plan to hobble hobby and show breedersMr. Losey’s letter to APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service), a branch of the USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture), is lengthy and legal. He is after all, an attorney who served as Director of Civil Law at the Pentagon and who is licensed to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Read his appeal to APHIS.  Frank Losey is fighting for our right to engage in the hobby of breeding WELLbred dogs. Only those who are in some way connected to or benefit from the commercial dog breeders, would in ANY way support ANY version of ANY legislation to regulate a hobby.  Do not listen to anyone who tries to convince you that we should go along with this in order to have "input".  It is NOT inevitable.  It is outside of the regulatory scope of USDA-APHIS which should be spending its resources protecting our food supply. 


To "go along" with this is to be sucked into the "incremental” defeat which is in the political playbook used by HSUS and other animal “rights” groups.


Your entire future in dogs depends on Losey’s legal prowess and success. Do NOT depend on AKC or even your favorite legislative group to defend you. Most breeders believe the USDA has been infiltrated by animal rights advocates. With the exception of a tiny handful of people, we are amateurs fighting professionals with $millions at their disposal.


Our strength is in numbers.  It is in having a clear understanding of this issue and the knowledge that if USDA/APHIS gets by with this invasion of your privacy and Constitutional Rights, the end of your freedom is near.


Read the attachment point by point, starting with the legal challenge of FLAWED COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL STATUES.


Mr. Losey enumerates vital issues such as the risk of disease to the same puppies the Proposed Rule presumes to protect, the unreasonable and inconsistent limitations of the “public comments”, APHIS failure to comply with federal regulations, grossly underestimated numbers of breeders, why USDA can not legally change the previous definition of “retail pet store”, failure to address the right of privacy, the physical security of homeowners, and ultimately, the failure of APHIS to comply with Statutory Requirements and the Animal Welfare Act.


He addresses the political hot button of Unfunded Mandates and costs which could well run in excess of half a $$$BILLION. And the failure of APHIS to address the more than one $BILLION in revenue generated by AKC dog shows. One thing we are is an economic force to be reckoned with, generating an estimated $52.87 BILLION DOLLARS{1} into a struggling economy.


He cites a long list of “unintended consequences” to citizens and to the USDA itself. He reminds APHIS that certain groups may succeed in stuffing the ballot box. Losey calls attention to a Pending Appeal, lack of transparency, and the “21 reasons why APHIS is required to withdraw the Proposed Rule.” Read the letter. Understand your platform and then write to APHIS again!  READ LOSEY’S LETTER TO APHIS!


{1} American Pet Products Assoc. / Yahoo Finance, etc.

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