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Animal Rescue Abused

By “FAKE” SPCA;  Didi's Dream Farm Horse and Animal Rescue re-homes thousands of animals, mostly dogs, for over 20 years, by herself, out of her pocket for adoption fees alone.


August 2014 | TheDogPress.com

Marietta Kenney, Animal Rescue


My animal rescue is state licensed which to me is more credible than a 501c-3. I am inspected a minimum of once a year but due to all the false complaints from my “rescue” competitors, it has been much more. I have passed every inspection. The only issue I have ever had is paperwork and that is because the state wants so many unnecessary forms filled out per adoption. I am in Bernhards Bay, New York. See my youtube video, local news coverage, and other information below.


On Sunday June 22, I arrived home from a very successful adoption event where I adopted out 10 dogs. I had just gotten everyone fed when a New York state Trooper and five other cars pulled up to my animal rescue. I had heard this might happen because the women associated with other groups like to brag. I had no official notification this was going to happen. I do not regard the local SPCA as legitimate due to the fact they have no building, no peace officers, no badges, nothing to identify who they are except t-shirts. I was not worried as everything was in great shape. How wrong I was.


I let them in because I have nothing to hide and the same trooper was just at my place four days before and found nothing wrong but now I find out she lied about it. When I got in her face and asked her what the hell she was doing, she threw her hands in the air and stated "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING, I’M NEW AT THIS, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANTED." Under other circumstances, that would have been funny, but it told me all I needed to know.


My dogs were eating dinner and when these loud, obnoxious women came in, the dogs went nuts, flipping their dishes, barking, a couple even biting at the kennel doors to try to get to them. They must have picked up on what these “animal rescue” people were up to right away. Instantly one of the “rescue” women named Sarah started clicking pictures and another one, Kim, started yelling at me saying "YOU CALL THAT SANITARY, YOU CALL THAT PROPER LIVING CONDITIONS FOR THE DOGS? WHERE THE HELL IS THEIR WATER?" I never put water bowls in the kennels for them to overturn and make a mess with when the only time my dogs are in their kennels is meal time and bed time. There was a 5-gallon bucket of fresh water right out on the stoop plus a big bowl for the shorter dogs.


I told them to get out and off my property. Tanya, the head of the fake SPCA, said we will get a warrant. I said “then get one but get out.” The “rescuers” told the trooper to call and get a warrant and in the meantime I’m being circled by the three “SPCA” women like hyenas on a kill. The one called Kim picking apart my rescue, calling me a puppy mill, a hoarder. Saying I don’t vet any of my animals. So I showed them records, proving they were FULLY vetted including micro chipped and altered.


Then, incredibly, they sent Sarah out to start taking pictures of my 30 year old mare and her 10 year old mentally challenged and mostly blind daughter. I yelled at her to get away from my horses and that is when Kim said “when we get the warrant we are taking them.” She points her finger in my face and says "WE WILL TAKE EVERY THING THAT TAKES A BREATH OFF YOUR PROPERTY."


I flipped out. I started having chest pains and hyperventilating as I have COPD and asthma. Tanya got me a chair and then started telling me that all they want to do is help me. I told her I didn't need any help, I was just fine. As soon as I could talk, I again asked the State Trooper Black what the charges were, what laws did I break? She stood there fumbling with her cell phone, hands shaking, and told me she got a text from the Assistant DA, Courtney Petit. She read me the text and it stated there were abused and neglected dogs here and I was a puppy mill. She could see that wasn’t true but did not attempt to help me, just stood in the middle of the yard not having any clue of what she was doing. I continuously asked the trooper what were the charges and she just stood there, blankly.


I ended up surrendering some of my dogs as they pushed and pushed and all I could think about was my horses that would die from the stress if they were moved. And my 3 legged Rottie and the other rescue dogs with serious issues that no one wanted … knowing they would kill them.


I contacted the District Attorney the next morning and he knew nothing about this “rescue” case but assured me he would call me back. He didn’t. Two days later I contacted several people who know me and who work for the county and they started calling the DA. He is known for his lack of care about animal cases.


There is so much more to this story, I could write a mini series. My dogs were held at Paws Across Oswego where against an order to hold them they adopted many out. The DA, Greg Oakes, bailed on the case saying no charges were filed so they are out of it and because I surrendered the dogs oh well...


I surrendered the babies I rescued out of kill shelters and fully vetted so I could give them to just anyone? NO!!! That was not what happened! I was bullied, threatened with jail and coerced into letting some of my rescues go and they even took my personal animals. They came wanting a mother dog and her pups and they took them. I made a HUGE mistake trusting the Trooper to protect my rights.


This whole thing was done by competitive women jealous of my success in re-homing animals. They had previously called all my adoption event places trying to get me kicked out, they had even posted stuff on craigslist. That didn’t stop me or stop my adoptions.


I also found out that EVERYONE involved in this raid had been at the same animal cruelty seminar given by the District Attorney, less than a month before they came for my animals. I also learned the way this was supposed to go is complaints go to Animal Control and if they find something they go to the state troopers and if the trooper agrees, it then goes to the DA's office. NOT the other way around.


All they had to do was contact New York State Agriculture and Markets. I was state licensed and inspected. This whole thing was instrumented by vicious people who think they have authority they do not have. I will survive but my animals paid the price.


Reference Links:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xLHen0_Yv0 (sorry the video has been renamed or removed)

http://www.adoptapet.com/adoption_rescue/79412.html (sorry the page has been renamed or removed)

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