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Breeders Give THANKS For Dogs!


We asked prominent dog breeders:

1) What is the one thing that makes your breed so unique and special?

2) What are you most thankful for in your breed or bloodline?

3) What do your owners tell you they are most thankful for in the dog they got from you?

Banbury Cross Farms Carolina Dogs, American DingosBanbury Cross Farms Carolina Dogs/American Dingos

Jane Gunnell SC, 803-215-6164, 803-215-6166 or 803-649-0045 www.carolinadogs.com


Jane Gunnell, www.carolinadogs.com1. The Carolina Dogs have survived through the ages (30,000 years) and are the original dogs of North America. Today they are not only surviving, but excelling in every venue.  We say "They are the most incredible and fabulous dogs in all of dogdom!”


2. They make extremely loyal, loving family members, they train themselves and relish outdoor activities.


3. That everything I tell them about the breed that is so fabulous is absolutely true in their conformation, disposition, and health. The amazing list of CD/ADs, their accomplishments and their proud owners goes on and on!!


Chihuahuas-Wee-Love, Texas AKC Long Coats Chihuahuas-Wee-Love / Texas AKC Long Coats

Linda Jangula TX, 972-853-0930 www.chihuahuasweelove.com


1. Chihuahuas are full of character with a heart as big as the moon and they love to share it all with you.


2. We enjoy their versatility in color, coat and size. We prefer the long coats since they seem to shed less than a smooth coat.  That really surprises people and bottom line is they are easy to maintain..


3. Most certainly people are extremely pleased with the Chihuahua's sweet personalities and good natured temperament.


The House Of Wagging Tails Biewers

“Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Puppies (occasionally)”

Dee Ashley CA,  951-313-4559 www.houseofwags.com


1. The Biewer in the show ring has a great attitude, flowing coat and beautiful tail-set. Their beautiful colors just grab your attention.


2. The Biewer traces back to the original developer. I have been breeding for 10+ years and have worked to not be inbred or line bred.


3. My dogs are well socialized, very healthy and happy dogs, I mentor buyers forever, and many are potty pad trained when they leave my home.


York Kennels / American Pit Bull Terriers

Breeding Since 1977 - located in Amherst, VA

Ginny York, 434-922-7714 www.yorkkennels.com


1. My American Pit Bull Terriers are happy, healthy, well behaved dogs that will do just about anything to make you laugh. They are great with children and other pets and make wonderful family pets.


2. I'm thankful that my dogs live long healthy lives, and that many people who have bought dogs from me come back for another one or two after their dog passes at an old age.


3. People who have bought dogs from me tell me that they are the best, most loveable, smart dogs they have ever owned. They also tell me that they are thankful that they live long healthy lives.


Bi-Mar Pomeranians

Breeder over 50 years, AKC Judge for 20 years.

Mary Rosenbaum WA, 360-767-0104 www.bi-mar.com


1. Pomeranians are a little dog with a big dog’s attitude and even among toy breeds, that makes them very special.


2. I'm thankful they have longevity and that I have bred most of the genetic problems in this breed out of my bloodline.


3. My clients say "my Pomeranians have great health and soundness."


DiamondKrest Coton de Tulear - Pat EnrightDiamondKrest Coton de Tulear

Lifetime in dogs, 20 years in Cotons

Pat Enright NY, 631-957-1189


1. The Coton de Tulear's therapeutic abilities are off the charts. They enmesh themselves into your life and build a close relationship with their family. For those that want a close bond with their dog, this is the breed.


2. The way they humble you.  Professionals have commented on the strength, soundness, stamina and quality of my bloodline.  These dogs bring out the very best in you, you see it in the way they treat each other and other people.  It makes you want to emulate their behavior when you are with them.


3. My clients tell me they cannot figure out how they lived before getting their Coton.  These dogs bring families together, they help children who have ADHD and Asperger Syndrome, even the elderly feel younger.  These dogs bring positive enhancements to their lives.


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