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Buy Your Dog At A Shelter?


Are there fewer genuine dog lovers looking for a purebred puppy because they thought it more noble to buy a “mixed breed” dog from the shelter?


It appears that the marketing campaign backed by or paid for by the “animal rights” groups has paid off.  Even Animal Planet seems to have bought into the onslaught of animal welfare cleverly blurred with animal rights messages.  We dog breeders are partly to blame.  People don’t adopt animals, they buy or rescue them.  So why have we allowed the language war to be won by a “feel good, do good” media blitz? 


According to Margaret Byrd, we are not powerless, we just need to wrap our minds around a new language.  But here, let Margaret explain:




June 2011 - Margaret Byrd - Guest Columnist - TheDogPress.com


I got an email from a lady about a puppy and I asked my usual 20 questions about the housing and care of the animal and it's environment as well as their goals for the pup.  When I got a response one portion was in all caps.  It was, "I DON"T WANT TO BREED".  Her original inquiry asked if I had a dog she could "adopt".  It got me thinking about the "anti-breeder" climate that we now experience.  This was my response:


"I don't adopt my pups, I sell them.  They are not rescued.  They are planned.  They were specifically bred to ensure the best chance for good health, good looks, type, and temperament.  All my pups are raised in the house and played with by the whole family until they leave here for a home believed to be exceptional.  The adults are shown, hunted, loved and allowed to breed in specific ways after extensive research & health testing.  I have many references from satisfied owners.


If you love your dog, thank a breeder."


Did You Buy Your Dog At A Shelter?I think it is time and past to watch our language and set folks straight about what we do and why we do it.  It is time to "rescue" the language affecting our animals and people's perception of them.  It took 30 years for animal rights to hijack our language and then seek to steam roller us with it.  It is time to take it back.


I feel it might be productive to brain storm on ways to project this idea in a positive way.  "If you love your dog, thank a breeder"  is one.  "My dogs are not rescued.  They are planned." might be another.


We could develop a series of these kinds of ideas and include them on our web sites.  We might even consider raising money for a billboard campaign.  Playing catch up isn't working well.  We need to be proactive.


Someone suggested we ask, "Did you buy your dog at a shelter?"  If a fringe animal rights group can change our culture via language we can take it back the same way.  What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


If there is one thing I resent most about the animal rights movement that seeks to victimize animal owners is that they have closed my heart to efforts by welfare groups and rescue. I long for the innocence to believe that welfare has good intentions rather than an agenda riding the back of misery.


I see PETA euthanizing animals or throwing them in trash bins.  I see HSUS stripping animal owners of their constitutional rights and stealing their beloved animals only to dump them in kill shelters or use them to raise money that does not help the animals.  Read 20/20s article on ABC called “Cruelty to Owners”.  The events they describe are happening in every state of the union.


If animal welfare doesn't clean house I will not be alone in my distain and that would be a tragedy for unwanted animals.  Because of HSUS’ legislative efforts in my state, I've been forced to close my doors here - as much as it hurts - to unwanted rescue animals that I could have helped.


Animal rights is the single most destructive thing that has happened to animals (and animal welfare) in the history of the world. It's more destructive than disease.


Margaret Byrd


Editor: we found this to be an interesting and straightforward website: http://www.MyDogMyChoice.com


http://www.thedogpress.com/DogSense/Buy-Shelter-Dog_Byrd-1106.asp #1106




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